Week 11 Weigh In Results!!!

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  1. tommee2004

    tommee2004 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Total lost: 82 lbs!!!

    in 11.5 weeks!!! How cool is that, but I am now on my final 18lbs and its really important that I get to my goal.

    Mentally I will only be happy when I reach my original goal.

    I am going away in 3 and a half weeks, for 2 weeks to the Domincan Republic.

    What do you recommend I do?

    Carry on LL'ing until the week before I go away and then have a week of reintroducing protein, and then go away and do my VERY BEST to stick to management, but without any packs, ie just eat protein meal, once a day and not pig out on anything.

    It is really important I don't put this weight back on, and I WONT let it go back on, but i also don't want my 2 weeks away to be spoilt by dieting. Hence I really want to eat the food on offer, sticking to whats healthy, in SMALL portions.

    and then on my return, do a week of LL and then begin management properly......

    how does that sound...
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  3. Tasty Tracey

    Tasty Tracey Full Member

    Well donew for the great loss up to now. If I was going on holiday in 3 weeks I would like a few more pounds off, stick to LL till you go away then just be sensible while you are away, you know now what you should be eating. You need a hoilday after LL I think so habe a brillant time (she says gritting her teeth with jealousy).:jelous:
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  4. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    I agree with Tracey, that's what I'd do --- stick with your packs until you go and then go down the sensible food option.

    You're gonna have a lovely and very well deserved holiday and be a skinny-manny on the beach.

    Well done Tommee :bliss: :bliss:

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  5. vicster

    vicster CD addict

    Wow that is AMAZING.. well done.. you must be sooo proud of yourself.
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  6. Samantha

    Samantha Full Member

    Well done Tommee!! :wow::clap: that's brilliant!

    I agree with what has been said already about the holiday.:)

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  7. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
  8. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Well done Tommee!! (and I am more than a little green with envy!)

    Enjoy your hols too!! I too echo all that has been said re the eating!! You certainly deserve it!!

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  9. tommee2004

    tommee2004 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Thanks for your kind comments!!! I think I am going to do as you all suggest.

    However, I will need to cheat for the very first time next Monday!! I am going to have a salad - it is my girlfriends Sisters' birthday, and theyve booked a lovely restaurant, as they thought (so did I) that I would have been finished by then... so I can't let them down on this.

    I will return to the packs on Tuesday, and hopefully get those 18lbs off before I go on Holiday!!!! :)

    Fingers XD!
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  10. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    OMG that is bluddy amazing.......well done you.
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  11. kittykat

    kittykat Gold Member

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    well done you !! no probs with getting that 18lb off the rate your going i would advise to add protein the week before you go away have a great holiday then into management im off in 5 weeks have gone back to SS for 4 weeks then AAM for week before i go xxxxx
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  12. Ann2shoes

    Ann2shoes Ann2shoes

    Dear Tommee,
    As an ex LLifer (ceased last November), your plan sounds OK. I would stop the packs about 3 days before your hols and go onto two packs and a very light meal of veg/salad and chicken or fish. Then be careful on your holiday, don`t go mad or you will be disappointed with yourself when you return. By the way, it really is very difficult to go back to packs only once you have come off them. I don`t know anybody who has suceeded doing that. Just a thought. Well done on your amazing weight loss.
    I`ve kept the weight off, give or take a few pounds, but it`s true what they say, `the hard work begins once you cease abstience`. So stick at it.
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  13. scooper

    scooper Full Member

    Began with LL, now CD
    Congratulations on your amazing weight loss. Enjoy your holidays.
  14. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Your doing brill tommee!

    Awesome weight loss.

    Love Mini xxx
  15. Vorlina

    Vorlina Full Member

    You are indeed doing brilliantly!

    I've found that all the restaurants I've been to (and hotels etc) have been simply great about making up a soup or something for me to eat while the rest of the table has their food - have you thought about doing that rather than breaking abstinence on Monday?
  16. cheerydino

    cheerydino Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Man, that is TOTALLY awesome!

    Hey, we have exactly the same amount of pounds left to lose!
  17. tommee2004

    tommee2004 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Ah yeh!!! How cool 18.8lbs left to go, hehe

    Nah not really thought of asking the restaurant to make up my pack for me. I am really hoping for just a grilled piece of chicken and a fresh Salad. Hopefully it won't knock me back much, and with getting back on the packs first thing Tuesday, I should see a loss at the following Sunday weigh in!!

    I will of course let you know how it goes!
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