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week 11 weigh in

hey all x

been to weigh in this morning and am pleased to say i've managed to lose 4.5lbs :D

as some of you know,i struggled a little last week with being cold etc so i was brave and had the chicken soups.i did add chilli flakes and black pepper(as advised by pharmacist)and it seems to have got me through and not affected my loss this week.i know we aren't meant to add anything but i was thinking of giving up so that was the better option.

so now i'm hoping to get my bmi under 30 next week and have another good loss(for me).
gotta go take back my new brown leather look jacket to new look as its way too big now and its an 18:eek:. hopefully that size 16 coat i got coming will fit me soon x


lost another 5 inches this week too.

ooohh and i'm now officially only overweight!!
sounds better than the super obese i started at
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Well done hun that is great. Someone was saying that they add a little skimmed milk to their coffee and that has not effected them I think that what ever works for you is the best way. At least you know you will be losing. As long as you are happy babes.
well done hun, thats great.
u excited about moving? starting decorating yet?

x x
Well done! That's a great loss. & the only reason I ever want to be returning lovely clothes is because they're too big ;-)

Glad to hear the soup has helped out! Good luck for next week! Fingers crossed for crossing the 30 line!



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Well done on your loss honey :)

You know me though - im dead against adding anything we are not allowed to I am extremely surprised your pharmacist reccomended this!!!!!!!!! :eek: They should know better.

Although i am glad you didnt give up :) keep it going lover xxx
well done, my chemist also recommended chilli and garlic flakes to the soup..she said a lot of her clients do and have an extreme weightloss and also find it that bit easier too so they get through it better... she said that little would not effect ketosis or palate because using it with the soup....


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I find it quite appauling that chemists are reccomending something that Lipotrim has not!!!!
I find it quite appauling that chemists are reccomending something that Lipotrim has not!!!!
Yea she said it to me a couple of times and she is actually quite good and will ring Liprotrim in regards to any medication you would need to take or anything like that if it could take you out of ketosis but she did suggest the flakes.. it was actually one of the other pharmists in there too that lost 5 stone on LT and maintained the last few years so he was also givin his little tips of how he got it down and kept it off and what way he go through it and what worked well for him etc .....
i wouldn't normally add anything and if you can manage without the flakes and pepper then have the soup as intended.
was so bored with just choc shakes and didn't like the soup without the chilli flakes.
however,i'm back on to just choc shakes now i feel great again(think the little change done me good).
can't stomach the soup anymore.
as Tanya said though,the pharmacy shouldn't really tell you to add anything as it's not what lipotrim allow and at the end of the day they should only say and do what lipotrim have okayed! x
yea i agree with you both.... but suppose if it does work for some and they get the weight down at a great weight each week then thats good too i suppose...

i love the soup so dont need anything in it, tried it with stuff in it but gone off it like that, love it on its own, its my favourite .... :):):)


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Yeah - im not digging or anything, if you want to add stuff then that is up to you but im quite shocked that pharmacies are telling you its ok when really it isnt! Im actually quite appauled lol
Well done hun ive heard of alot of people add chilli flakes to their soup so i wudnt worry. Its a great loss and ur getting more and more consistant so dats brilliant.
Yeah - im not digging or anything, if you want to add stuff then that is up to you but im quite shocked that pharmacies are telling you its ok when really it isnt! Im actually quite appauled lol
lol i will let her know tomorrow :D:D:D


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yeah, give your chemists one of these :whoopass: from me! :giggle:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on a fab loss. You really are getting the weight off. Glad you feel stronger about it now, so keep it up.
Wooohooo fantastic Jo! Great loss sweetie! Wow you like the soup!? That's great if it's helping you warm up because this cold weather is so annoying. I'm forever wrapped up in hundreds of layers.

Your pharmacist is nicer than mine. Mine said under no circumstances should you add anything to the soup. If it's not making any difference to your losses I can't see any harm in it. You need to be warm.

Exciting getting the old BMI to under 30! That's amazing how much it has gone down in 11 weeks.

How can you take the coat back? Does it still have the label on it? I've loads of stuff I've bought the last few weeks that are now hanging on me, but they've no labels, so I thought they wouldn't take them back?

5 inches! Are you still vibroing? I haven't been all week with this swine flu thing. So frustrating not being allowed to exercise.

aww bets,swine flu?awful!
i had it in july and was ill about 3 weeks in total.hope your better soon x

took my new brown jacket back size 18(still had tags).my black one i wore but its so big now it looks silly!
they will usually take back things without tags as long as they are not worn and you got the reciept.just tell them they had no tags when you bought them.

i've not been on the vibro at all.i'm so bad!
thinking now of joining the curves ladies gym(its only up the road from me)but not sure i can afford it at the mo with moving etc.

only lasted the week with the soup but it so helped having all that chilli in to burn my mouth off hence heating me up lovely.
can't have it at the mo.only so much i can take of it.
have found that i really love the chocolate mousse though.yummy!!!

i found a full length pic of me taken on hols in may this year.was so shocked!why on earth didn't anyone tell me i was horrendously huge?
i nearly cried when i saw it.don't EVER wanna be anywhere near that size again!
will put it on when i do my now pic at end of the week to compare.
i mean i've still got a way to go yet but i can see a huge difference.

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