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week 12 weigh in


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another 2lb off..5 to go

i spoke to the chemist today about refeeding and she didnt know what to say as she hasnt had to do this anyone yet lol so she suggested i phone the LT freephone no on the card, which i did, and she was really nice and spoke me through refeed, what to do for maintenance and is gonna send some free samples through

im not being weighed next week, so hopefully, in two weeks, i should be at my goal weight...and then the fun starts

i cant wait...

this week i upped my exercise so now x3 at the gym, plus did 15 miles on mountain bike in the new forest yesterday..i think lots of exercise and calorie counting is gonna work for me

there is no way i want to be a size 18 again..ever

being size 10 is so amazing for me..i NEVER EVER thought id see the day id be too big for a size 12 lol ...i am so made up i cant describe it

ebay is getting lots of business out of me lately lol, trouble is im running out of clothes again to wear!

right, off to make the kids veggie dinner


h x
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Congratulations Harriet! You've done so well.

I've just made an appointment to start Lipotrim this wednesday so hopefully not long now till i start recording my good news too!


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yourll do great sarah..theres no way you can fail on it if your determined enough :)

h x


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Congratulations Harriet!!!


Size 12 too big:eek:

What a fantastic achievement!!!

Well done on your exercise!!! Very impressive:happy036:

Love Mini xxx


That's a fantastic achievement, Harriet!!
Hope that you'll let us know how you do when you start the refeed as this is what I'm most worried about. Although I know that others have still lost weight when refeeding, or at least haven't put the weight straight back on.


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worried here too thats why i rang the freephone no for LT...she couldnt have been nicer if she'd tried and said that if ever we need to talk, to just phone, thats what theyre there for which was nice to know.

she said that once refeed is over with, its basically maintenance bars in the morning unless you start to put on weight again and then you replace you lunch with a bar/sachet as well for a couple weeks until your back on track again. i said i was hoping to use calorie counting and she said, yes thats definately the way to go, but, if you fall off the wagon over a bad weekend say, dont panic, use the maintenance bars for say three days to get yourself back on track..tackle the problem straight away rather than let it go on and then be a stone overweight or whatever and the bad habits return and you go into a downward spiral of bad eating and gaining weight

it was great to speak to her about it and i feel a lot happier and yes i will post a thread on my refeeding (like tracey did) for a while

h xx


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Wow. You've done really amazing. Size 10....I'm dreaming. I'll be happy with a size 12...only one dress size to go, but it seems to be the toughest!

Well done again hun.x


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Wow Harriet that really is amazing hun a huge well done! My hip bones are thinking "size 10? dont think about it" lol xx


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i didnt know there was a size 10 in there itching to get its way out either lolol

h x
Hahaha thats amazing from an 18 hun! I thought making a 14 was fab but 10 is great! Well done. Oh and refeeding is good but difficult at times xx
hi harriet,
wow you are sooooo close!
iv never had to phone the lipotrim number but its great to know they're really good!
keep strong this next 2 weeks and i agree with you - you'll be ready for refeed WOWZERS!
fran :)


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isnt it wierd how some days you feel so on top of it all and others you find it harder to cope with every days stuff and what it throws at you? today ive felt hungry for really the first time since i started. when i normally have my last chocolate shake hot at 7 or 8ish, i had to have it at 5 today and then i wanted something else so i went had a hot bath instead! nice and relaxed now but will have an early night to get away from the kitchen i think! OH will be pleased lol

h x

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