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week 12 WI results!!! Panic Over!!

Morning all you lovely people!! Had my weigh in this morning and lost 2lb phewww!! after all mt panic on monday that i'd stayed the same i am happy with that!! Thank you everyone for your reassurance on monday!!:) can't believe i am now going on to week 13!! :eat: bring on the shakes couldn't do it without all your advice and encouragement!! Oh and my mum lost 6lb!!!:banana dancer: taking her to over 5 stone i think!!! good luck for your next weigh in everyone xx:)
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A little of everything!
Can we say "I told you so!" yet?:p;):D
well done hun.

x x
Hehe, well done! Great to know you were worried about nothing (no fun for you though, heh)! Also, I'm really pleased that your Mum is doing so well too, it must be really encouraging for the two of you to have each other :)

thanks han yeah its great having a LT buddy!! although can be tough as my mum is losing quite big numbers every week!! she does have more to lose than me but hey am sooo proud of her!!!:) must not grumble a loss is a loss!! are you still doing it han???
Ah, yes, when I started my Mum had been doing LT for a few weeks & I was getting very frustrated with her losing more than me! But then she didn't follow through with it & I would still much rather she had :-(

Erm...I went a bit off the rails, but, I am back on! I should probably update my tracker with my huge gain, but I don't want to (am hoping it's water!). Hehe.

Good news hun - well done x
Han i bet its just water and glycogen stores that your replaced bet you'll lose that in the first 3 days back on track!!! i wouldn't want to add a gain either he!he! good on you for getting back on track how much more are you looking to lose then????

Thanks trixie xx:)
Haha, I know! I might add it to my signature just for the sake of continuity once I've lost it again ;-)

I'm thinking a stone under goal would be good, as I'm a chunky thing still. But have decided I'll probably set a date some time in early December to re-feed. So, we shall see where I am by then! :)

glad you had lost hun.
fab results for you and your mum.
you both look great btw x

now go throw away your scales lol x
Woohoo fantastic Yummy Mummy! Now throw those scales in the bin and stop stressing! That's an order :D

So pleased for you sweetie. Our bodies are weird things, they hang onto the weight until the last minute!

You're in for a bigger loss next week. Keep that focus, you're doing brilliantly!

Your Mummy is a machine! She's doing amazingly, and it's so great you have each other for support.

Hey Tafflass thanks for the advice about the scales and you'll all be pleased to know my mum has taken them off me lol!! my mum looks amazing tafflass she has gone from 24 stone 4 to 19 stone 3 in just 12 weeks and she has been 20 stone + for as long as i can remember!! your right betsy she is a machine and looking at your results i'd say you are too lol!!! sure your not belonging to my mum!! :)
Hahaha I wish I still had my Mummy here. Can I maybe sometimes borrow yours? She sounds amazing.

Can you not get her on the forums? Her losses would really inspire people.

She must feel fantastic!
Well done all that worrying over nothing. Stay off them scales in future they only bring badness haha! wow your mam is doin brilliantly she must feel like a new woman.

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