Week 13 (ss+) nearly here


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Hi folks some thoughts on my dilemma would be really appreciated. Will be on wk 13 next week and have been soooo looking forward to a 200cal meal all through my journey. But as the time approaches am getting very nervous about taking (real) food again. My worries are are that once eating (all be it very limited) I may stray onto foods not allowed. Am now thinking that I may go for the 4 cd meals and 200ml of semi skimmed milk per day for the week instead. Might be a safer option for me. What have others done and what were the results. Sorry for going on and being so indecisive.
hi, holly, i've just switched from ll to cd in week 13. was starting to feel light headed but didnt want 4 packs a day for financial reasons.
i've been having 3 packs plus the small protein/salad or veg meal and have felt much better for it.
i'm glad i've done this as i was starting to worry about returning to eating and how i would control it, but its been fine. i don't want to end up with a fear of eating so i'm happier doing this than the total abstinence of ll.
do what feel rights for you, if you're not ready for food then do the 4 packs and milk.
good luck with your decision
Thanks Babs, have another week to make my mind up, at the moment I just see for and against which ever way I decide. Will let you know what I decide and how it goes.