Week 13 weigh in results!


This is it!
Hi guys

My week 13 weigh in results:
I have now lost 3 stone 13lbs (55lbs), from 19.7 to 15.8 :)
I have dropped from a size 24 to a size 18.
I have lost 5 inches off my hips which I thought just would never happen.
I bought my first pair of stilettos today and managed to walk in a straight line unassisted!!
Edit: I still have 64lbs to shift, but it seems more achievable everyday!

This diet is one of the best choices I ever made for myself and my life's finally moving in the right direction. Here's to the future.

Wow and well done Hannah.

A few more months and you'll be crashing through the finish line.

Good luck

That is fantastic and such a great motivational post as well.
well done you! in 13 weeks thats brill and like c.o.a.m said - the stilettos deserves its own credit - truely impressive! that 64 lbs will fly by!

keep up the good work :D