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week 13 weigh in


I *will* be skinny again!
Hi guys!

I've had my 13th week weigh in and I've lost a pound! Not sure why I only lost a pound but hey....it's a pound of fat I no longer have! :D I'm thinking it *might* be because I over did it on the exercise this week, but who knows? haha.

Another thing. My bmi has gone from 35 when I started to 27! I'm SOOOOO unbelievably happy about that! Woohooo!!! :woohoo:
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You have done so great over the 13 weeks. Well done. I managed 1.8lbs this week so lets just say its the weather :D
I know what you mean about the BMI, I calculated mine today and was so pleased.


Positivity is the key
Hi ,
congrats on your weight loss, it's a pound less of you, so well done. Looking at your weight losses, the same thing happened 4 weeks ago, perhaps it's part of a cycle for you and will be ok again next week. Best of luck. Congrats on the BMI, you must be near goal by now.
Well done hun, it's still 2 packs of butter gone forever!!!! Great news about your BMI, won't be long and you'll be "normal"!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on your fantastic weight losses and your really positive attitude. LLx


Success leads to success
Hey Killercurls

Good to see you so positive about it, I lost 1lb last week aswell and so did a few others- mystfying stuff, but hey next week you could be in for a big loss! Well done on getting your bmi to 27 - its exciting isnt it, to be so close and think- 'wow im a healthy weight!'. All the best for next week chick. x
YOu've done brilliantly -it's only one week with a lower loss so keep going at you'll be at a healthy BMI in no time at all!

it's all going in the right direction and that's the main thing!

Well done Killer Curls! You losses have been brilliant every week. Are you near to goal?

Yep could be to do with the exercise, you could be toning and they do say that muscle ways more than fat!

I weighed the same for a couple of years (bar a couple of pounds) but did drop 3 dress sizes. I was working out like a demon. It wasn't showing on the scales but it was sure showing on my body. Keep checking your inches (or clothes) if ever in doubt.

Well done on the exercising and your BMI drop is great.


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a loss is a loss - so its all good :D

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