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Week 13 WI


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Hi all,

Well i have just been weighed and have lost another 2lb:D!! I am actually really pleased with that as i wanted to make 11 and a half stone and im now 11st 8lb with clothes:D. I am now 4lb off losing 4stone!!

I have now been eating very healthily for 3 weeks and have lost half a stone, not bad considering i expected to gain half a stone in the first week! Been doing lots more crunches too this week so my tum is looking loads better.

I am generally pretty damn happy:):):)
Thanks guys (esp Lil and Gaz for puting up with my moods lol)
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G: 68kg
thats absolutely fantastic news tracey..you must be made up! especially knowing that your not just maintaining afterwards but actually still losing! ive spoken to the chemist this morning on the phone and weve agreed once weighing in tomorrow morning i should start refeeding so ill be asking more questions of you im sure (if you dont mind?!) xxx

well done you..have you gone down another dress size?

h xx


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Well done that is bloody fabulous. You really are one of a kind!

Well donexxx


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Cheers guys and Harriet im pleased you've made the first move hun, you'l do great and ask as many questions as you like, I'll be glad if i can help hun. I started a big tight size 18 lol and now i am size 12 top and size 14 bottom!! My 14 jeans today are a little baggy! Bearing in mind i am 5ft 9 and not petit framed. I have never been smaller than a 14 really even at 10 stone so im thrilled with that :D xxxx


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G: 68kg
makes such a difference to how you feel about yourself doesnt it


will post tomorrow (gotta go walk the dog!)


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Look forward to hearing how you get on harriet!

Cheers pineapple hun i hope people dont think i dont eat lol xxx


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I wanting you to write me a typical weeks worth of meals so I can follow somethign similar, I so dont want to gain in the refeed, nwo I know it can be done xxx


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No problem hun i will do just that, you will do great once youve had your final fitting!1! No going back then! xxx


weighs a lot less
well done honey i cant believe you are still losing you lucky devil ,well i can actually you have been so good not one single slip up you are really inspirational to all those just starting and us lot who are nearly there and you are living proof to all the doubters that it doesnt all come back on as soon as you start eating again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
well done hon you've done amazing and all the people that say you'll only put it all back on when you start eating again are so wrong, hope i can do it:wow:
Suppose thats ok!
Only kidding babe thats brilliant well done you. 'your the man'...mmm well ya know what I mean :p XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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Ignore him.....bet your thrilled....another "bag of sugar" of FAT! Well done.x


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Wow! Well done you! I hope I can do as well as you, now that I am eating. I'm not feeling too optimistic about it today for some reason.

I can't help thinking that even though I am following a Weight Watchers style diet, that I am going to put weight on because it is soooo much more food compared to the 'nothing' that we were eating. Has anyone else here moved on to WW and carried on losing weight?

Sorry Tracy, I have just taken over your thread :(

Well done again, you really are fab :D



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Awh tracy well done, your the bomb :D
Im with pineapple id love ta see some of your meal plans too!
Pwetty pwease :D


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Hey Gaz i am all woman remember?!;):D xx

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