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Week 14 weigh-in/advised to refeed?

Hi guys,

Had my 14th weigh-in, and lost 2.5lbs taking my total loss to 4 stone 7lbs.
I mentioned to my pharmacist that I have been feeling very dizzy this week, much more than usual, and I also had my BP checked which was low at 99 over 75. She advised me that it may be time to refeed for a few weeks and return to TFR. I want to continue on TFR and no way did I want to refeed yet. I have also had my BP checked today & it is back to normal, plus I haven't had any bad dizzy spells for a few days. My pharmacist is now going to phone her contact at LT to ask how long I can stay on TFR, as there is a limit to how long you can do it for? I have told her about many people on this forum who have done excess of 20 weeks, but she didn't seem to take much notice!

Clair x :confused:
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irish molly

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Oh Clair, that's a tough one. I know my doc has suggested that 12-16 weeks is the max at one time that anyone should do TFR. Then to break for about six weeks and go back on it again.
Yet many pharmacists seem happy to let people stay on it indefinitely. I have had no health issues so far an intend staying on it as long as I can.
If your blood pressure is too low consistently then your body may be telling you it is time for a break. Best wait and see what the pharmacy find out.
If you feel o.k then perhaps keep on but be careful.
I found my first week on TFR so hard, and have had lots of trouble going to the loo, (which thankfully is all sorted out now) and I feel like I am in a routine and have never been so focused in my life!. I am totally in the swing of things and want to stay on TFR as long as I can as I am no where near my goal. I have felt dizzy from the beginning, but this past week it was a lot worse and lasting longer which made me have my BP checked. Thankfully, I haven't felt like that for a few days, so hopfully it has passed, but I will be careful. Fingers crossed I can continue!

Thanks Molly

Clair x
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Well done on your weight loss!

There is a guideline to how long you should stay on TFR, but, my Pharmacist seems to have taken no notice! But, to be fair, they take no notice of anything. From the people on here though, it does appear that in general, few of them are actually enforcing that rule. Still, if you think that you could deal with a couple of weeks on re-feed then go back onto TFR it's not too much of a loss, is it? Good to be on the safe side!

Good luck :)

Thanks Hannah,

I'm sure my pharmacist would have let me carry on for many more weeks without mentioning any guidelines, but only because of my BP, she has said this. I have felt okay for a few days now, and I have a BP monitor at home, so I will check it over this week and see from there. I suppose a few weeks refeeding isn't the end of world!

Clair x
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have you told your pharmacist that your BP is gone back to normal???? You have to take into consideration that they are just covering their own asses. If you say you are very dizzy they will say refeed same thing happened me on week 3 and i flipped wats the point in only doin it for 3 weeks. I didnt ever tell my pharmacist bout my dizzy spells coz i knew from week 3 they wud overreact.

However you need to be careful have a checkup with your doctor you do not want to risk your health since losing weight is meant ot make you healthier its silly to introduce another problem along the way. You have lost an incredible amount of weight in a short time dat is prob why your blood pressure dropped mine was so low the machine wudnt even pick it up last Friday with the doctor. But now i feel much better.

You will know wen refeeding is the right decision but do look after yourself. xxx


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If you really want to continue on refeed and your pharmacist is saying no you'll need to get a note from your doc saying you are fit and healthy to do a TFR diet :) Im sure he/she will do that aslong as your BP is normal and there is nothing else medically wrong with you that prevents you doing a TFR :) x

Oh and well done on your loss :D
Anne-marie, My pharmacist checked my BP today, and it was fine. I have also told her that I haven't had the bad dizzy spells for a few days, but I guess she is just concerned. I'm having my BP checked throughout this week and will see from there, but if it does drop again, I will see my GP and consider refeeding.
You are right, health if the most important thing & I will be careful!

Clair x
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Thanks Tanya,

I think my pharmacist is just worried incase something happens, and she checked my BP today and it was fine, so I really cannot see why I can't continue TFR.
I'll see what happens next Monday, but if I have to, I will see my GP as I really do want to continue

Clair x
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I think all should be ok honey - your pharmacist is showing concern which is great as not many check BP etc but you should be ok to carry on with it aslong as your BP keeps at an ideal level :)

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