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Week 14 Weigh In!


Here we go again!
Hi, hope everyone's having a good weekend.

Had my week 14 weigh in today and I lost another 6lbs!!! :D:D:D

Can't believe it, really chuffed with that. Been on holiday from work all week and seemed to have been quite busy. I'm back to the gym after a 5/6 weeks break due to a problem with my back but back doing it and loving it too.

I only have 3 weeks left now and I can't wait to finish. Really ready to eat now, just ask me how nervous I will be when it actually comes to doing it though, very!!

Only 11lbs to go until my target but even if I don't reach it I wont mind. I look and feel so much better already. I even have a little confidence back too, which is nice. It's been gone a long time!!

Hope everyone has a great week and hope we all have good weigh ins to come too.
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Wow Bev, that certainly made up for last week! Well done, I honestly can't see you not hitting your target before you refeed.
Its great to have some self confidence back, isn't it? I'm beginning to feel much better about myself again now, seeing the difference in the mirror and on the scales is lovely.
Lots of luck for next week - have you planned your first meal yet?
Well done Bev!! Im so pleased for you huni you really deserve that 6lb loss for all your lovely encouraging posts to everyone on here xx


i want to be like betty
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well done you will have to get some photos on the before and after. i bet you have alsorts planned, for meals and treats just go get the most expensive fab dress and swan round in it even go for some big heels i am getting excited for you best wishes


Here we go again!
Thanks guys, very much appreciated as always.

Fiona, yeah I have my first proper meal planned and I picked up the refeed sheet and info from chemist at weekend so been reading up on that all weekend just to be prepared. Can't wait to eat but also I know I will be nervous when it happens cos I don't want to mess this up again. Got to be strong I suppose.


Life is not a Rehersal!
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O H M Y W O R D!!!! What a fab loss :) bet you are like a Cheshire Cat!!!!! grinning from ear to ear......closer and closer you are getting sweetie!!!!!!!

HAVE A GREAT WEEK, and as usual...well done Bev!!!!!!


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6lbs wow wow Bev that's ace :) :) Your target is so close aww good luck hunny xxx


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Well done Bev :D
That brilliant,you are really close now.xxx


Here we go again!
Thanks for the support everyone, wouldn't have got this far without it.

Iris you are right, I was so happy at the weight loss this week, really makes up for last week's piddly pound! Really disappointed with that and don't really know why that happened. Oh well, it righted itself this week that's the main thing.
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Well done Bev, thats great 6lbs!! woo hoo! :)
Emma x


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Brilliant weight loss!

Well done and you look amazing in your pics:happy096:

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