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Week 14 weigh-in


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probably by now your metabolism is throught the floor, maybe a refeed or get to the gym?


weighs a lot less
well done hun 2lb is still a loss and its proberly slowed down as youve already lost so much ,chin up hun only7 lb to go you lucky devil ive got 2 stone to go yet xxxx


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Well done honey, i think it does get harder the closer you get to target! Still good though xxxx


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Fiona,why dont you have a massage at a nice spa or something like that to cheer you up! Youve dont so well,if your like me,its impatience x


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Lol get that baby oil out again FI!! xxx


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Just noticing you have lost another 2lbs Tracey, well done, your doing fabulous hun. I'm dying to have a few meal plans from you hun as am sure everyone nearing the refeed will be as well. We need to know the secrets! LOL!x
Maybe a refeed will help you lose that last few pounds. TracyJ has still lost whilst refeeding.
yeah fifif, maybe its worth looking into the refeed? sometimes our bodies just need a total shock to spur it into action again? well done for geting so close to goal tho, you have done brill and are looking fab x


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Thanks everyone, been out and bought some new tops and a new pair of jeans, I'm not brave enough to buy a skirt yet, maybe soon. Anyway have looked through the re-feed info I got off the pharmacist and am now psyching myself up for d-day. Also I've had no energy whatsoever the last couple of days, don't know what thats all about?
Fi i was exactly the same just before i started to refeed..i think our bodies really needs more calories as we have less fat for it to feed on! xx
Awwww Fi dont worry or be down about 2lb, thats a good loss and you should be as pleased as everyone on here is for you pet :hug99:xxxxx
Lol every other day honey xxx

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