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Week 15 Weigh In!!


Here we go again!
Hi everybody, lost 2lbs this week and very pleased with that as it's totm :D

I have 2 more weeks left on LT and my aim is to lose 9lbs. I don't mind if I don't hit my target though cos I feel good about myself now anyway and you never know, I may lose a few more lbs on refeed and maintenance anyway.

Can't believe I've only got 2 more weeks left on LT. Very happy about it though. My pharmacy has all the maintenance products in, I checked today, and I will be using these for several weeks before leaving them altogether.

My badminton season starts in just under 4 weeks so I am hoping that will help with the maintenance side of things too. I also go the gym 3 times a week at the mo and will be going twice with one badminton a week from September. I hope all that exercise helps!!

Hope everyone's OK and having a good weekend!
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Wow Bev I'm so excited for you. You must feel brilliant aww well done you! If you are not quite at your target you will be within a couple of pounds.

Congratulations and I can't wait to see the pics xxx


Here we go again!
Thanks so much Catt. I will post a pic from my last day on TFR. That is the night me and hubby have our school reunion so hopefully I will be looking at my best or near enough.
Well done Bev, its been lovely following you week by week. You could still lose a fair amount in two weeks and i'm sure you will hit target by maintenence.
Can't wait to see your pics.
Emma x
Well done Bev.xxx
Can't believe how close you are now :)
Well done, only another 42 shakes to go! I'm sure the time will fly now you are so close to the end.
Looking forward to hearing how you get on with maintenance. I'm sure you will be fine, you have been so good on the LT and a real inspiration to us all!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Just found this post!!! Well done Bev - how time flies :) You are doing great and will be ok when you start refeeding/maintaining...just remember to keep coming on here though and not forgetting us :)

I think the fact you are now doing sports/exercise on a daily/weekly basis it will prove invaluable to you when you start to eat again! But you will do it, I know you will....we learn after the first time that we cant go back to what we used to do or we are at the starting block again before we know it!

These 2 weeks will fly past and total admiration to you and how you have just got on with this and been 100% all the way!

Have a great week! And new photos please ;-)!!!


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fantastic bev youve done so well :) sorry for not having commented over the past few weeks but ive been up to my ears with stuff :) almost there and then the fun starts lol

h x
Well done Bev what an inspiration you are!! You've done a fantastic job and have been so positive and motivating for the rest of us. Thankyou xx


Here we go again!
Thanks everyone for your very kind comments. You really are a great bunch on here and don't think I could have done this (again!!) without all of you, many thanks again!
well done Bev on your fantastic results and good luck on the maintenance!


Life is not a Rehersal!
A bit late, I know!!! :)
Well done Bev...oh, time is flying for you...I bet you just feel brilliant and you have been so determined and goal orientated, no wonder you have breezed through this!

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