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Week 2. Feeling low. Tried to exercise!


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Hi all,

I am now just about in week 2 of CD SS (no cheating at all) and at my first weigh in tonight i had lost 9lbs yipppeeeee...

So i felt all motivated and when i got home i thought right i'll do a little bit of exercise.

I dusted off my Davina DVD - its a good DVD where there are 3 x 30min workouts, you are meant to do one workout at a time so just 30mins of exercise a day - great i thought.:)


After 10 minutes i was boiling, sweating heavily and so outta puff. I carried on for a bit but had to give up after just 17MINS!!!

I was soooo disappointed, i just feel a bit of a failure really, i know i havent exercised in about a year but i really thought i could do it. Hmmm anyway just wanted to share that with you as feeling a bit low now.

Maybe i should just try a swim or something else? What do you suggest???.. Im so scared of losing alot them just having saggy skin!:cry:

Thanks all xxx
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Does your DVD have a toning section? I just do 10 mins toning a day using my Claire Richards DVD! Tones legs, tummy, arms and bum! Kylie xx


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And congratulations on your weight loss btw!! And on not cheating! Its so hard isnt it!! I am on day 13 and still doing 100% getting weighed on Friday (as my CDC is away on Thursday!) :)



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Hi there

I felt like you after just under 10 mins on my exercise bike and yet usually manage bout 20-30 mins no probs! So exhausted after too - am sure i've read CD can make you feel like this with exercise :confused: x


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Thank you Kylie and Trash, feel a bit better about everything today, was just having a down day I think and needed a rant. Just been made redundant too so that is not helping! Still, I WONT GIVE IN AND EAT!!!!!
Well done to you both on your great losses too xxx


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I did some pilates yesterday and at night I thought I was going to die :) But today I feel better


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If you're doing SS and weren't already in an established exercise routine to start with, you're going to find it tough to do that kind of work out routine. In fact, it's not recommended that you try. Your body has little in the way of available carbs to burn.

Something much lower intensity, like walking for example, works well. As someone's already suggested, you'd also be okay doing the toning sections of the workout - that might help to prevent sagginess. But getting saggy isn't inevitable, even if you don't do much toning. To be honest, it depends much more on genetics as to whether you'll end up with wobbly bits or not.

So don't feel disappointed with yourself! If you're planning on upping exercise levels by a considerable amount, then you might want to think about going up to a higher CD plan.


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Thank you for your advice. Yes I think I wont try the Davina DVD anymore! Also heaving about all this extra weight doesnt exactly help when you are trying to jump around the room teehee..
I bought a couple of really cheap fitness dvds off ebay last night, one is a yoga one and the other is exercises to do on a fit ball. So hoping they will help with toning and i'm gonna forget about the fat burning and jumping around - thats what the diets for!!!!

Thanks again x