Week 2 results :)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by mintimperial, 29 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. mintimperial

    mintimperial Member

    :D Well happy weigh in number 2 and another 6Lbs off making a total of 17Lbs loss in 2 weeks!!! Really happy!

    I shall have to move up to 790 this time next week by the looks of it as for me BMI 25 + 1 Stone is 13.5 Stone and im currently at 13St 13Lb..well thats if i lose 8 lbs of course! lol ;)

    I cant wait to get down to 12 stone (my new goal) When i get thee Ill be posting pics!

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  3. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Well Done!

    That is fantastic!

    You'll soon be at goal at this rate!

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  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Well done Minty!!!:talk017:

    17lbs. in 2 weeks:eek::happy096:

    Love Mini xxx
  5. Flab-u-less-Flower

    Flab-u-less-Flower Silver Member

    Congrats, that is Fantastic!
  6. pumakino

    pumakino Full Member

    Wow!! 17 pounds in 2 weeks? :eek:

    That is awesome :D :D :D I am starting today as well...need to loose weight for my wedding in april :)
  7. SharonJayne1970

    SharonJayne1970 Silver Member


    Great job!!!! Bet you are feeling awesome
  8. Lil K

    Lil K Addicted to Minimins

    What fantastic losses - well done!
  9. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Well done great second week loss.

    Just said Hi to you mum on another thread:)
  10. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    Wow, fabulous loss :D congratulations.
  11. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

    I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous ....

    (seriously - well done Minty! ;))
  12. mintimperial

    mintimperial Member

    Thanks all, well happy still....just gotta keep glugging thats all! I slacked on the water last week, and I'm sure i could've done better if i hadnt!
  13. mintimperial

    mintimperial Member

    4 litres down today so far....feels like 4 gallons! :|
  14. Grandma

    Grandma Totally Focused

    Hi Minty

    Just want to say how proud your mum is of you. You are doing so well. Thanks for all the encouragement you are giving me. I really appreciated your call last night to see how I was doing.

    I've been glugging away today too -but I nearly got caught short when I was stuck in a huge traffic jam for over 3 hours this morning and had to abandon my work for the day! So far I have had 1.5 litres of water, a large coffee and a strawberry shake. My ketostix are pink!!! I'm not at all hungry and the water is keeping headaches at bay so I'm feeling good.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. devilishandsweet

    devilishandsweet 100% all the way!

    Well done x x
  16. jojo2stone

    jojo2stone Member

    OMG how much insentive is that - that is just wonderful.... have you stuck to it 100% or did you cheat,I find myself dreaming of carrotts, I have no idea why LOL

    Well done agin x
  17. Susie Woosie

    Susie Woosie Gonna be slim

    Congrats on your amazing weight loss!!
  18. Bobbin

    Bobbin Needs a flattering photo

    MI - WELL DONE! Thats a fantastic loss.
    Grandma - glad you're in ketosis, makes life a whole lot easier!
  19. ava

    ava Silver Member

    Well done :D
  20. prettyfromtheback

    prettyfromtheback Full Member

    well done that's brilliant, you're almost there!
  21. tweety

    tweety Member

    fantastic weight losses you must be so proud.keepupthe good work


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