week 2 weigh in only 5lbs


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:0( not sure what to say!
Were you dieting before you started? If yes, you may have already lost the BIG fluid loss most of us get first week! Do you have much to lose? - the closer you get to BMI 25 the slower the weight loss. What are you drinking? Coke zero stalls my weight loss. I lose more when I drink 4l of water a day.

Like I said, not sure what to say apart from well done on your 5 lbs so far!


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Hi. Sorry to hear about your frustration. 5lbs off is better than nothing at all but I understand after 2 weeks you might expect more.

As above were you on a diet the week before starting exante? TOTM? Are you following the total solution exactly as suggested by Exante? Also, I should imagine you are, but have you checked how far in to ketosis you are? I have ketostix and can test to see if there are only traces of ketsosis or if I am well in to it. You shouldn't eat at all until AAM week as a lot of things have a fair amount of salt in so fluid can be retained.

I drink 3-4 litres of water a day and do about 30 mins on my wii fit. This seems to aid it so far.

Don't become despondent, you have come this far. Don't give up the hard work. Just go back over what you have done and see if you can see anything that has put a spanner in the works. Perhaps write a little diary if you don't already. I also find that if I don't spread my shakes/soups/bars out sufficiently (i.e. if have them mostly towards the end of the day when I do the least activity) then this slows it down too.

Keep going

Marie x :)
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