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Week 2 weigh in..........

Hello guys,
Just had my second weigh in today, lost 6lb, together with last weeks loss of 7 &1/2 lb thats 13 1/2 lb in 2 weeks, unreal. Im still a bit dubious/overwelmed at the though of continuing for the next 3 months, how do all of you long termers manage, i am not hungry but i feel i miss food more and more each day, will this feeling improve or go away ever?
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I will be skinny again!!!
Well done chick!

Yup the feeling will go away, I had to refeed and really really didnt want too!!

I was terrorfied of eating again!
Oh my god, i cannot believe how much you have lost, you look fantastic in your photos, well done you. I have to say i am honestly noy hungry, i just miss eating food, plain and simple, and its not even junk food i miss :confused:, what i wouldnt give for a sandwich :copon:
Well done massive weight loss, its hearing things like that that will keep me on the right path.

Good luck for week 3 x x x x xx

1. Goals to survive first week
2. to lose a stone
3. to get through first month
Many more mini goals to come.

start weight 13st 8.5lb
goal weight 10st



Here we go again!
Well done Carebear, that's great weight loss.

I've just done 3 months on this and feel fine! I've still got about the same to go as well but it isn't that daunting to be honest, refeeding and doing it properly is!

We all still fancy eating things on this but it's just a case of not having it. It does get easier. The food will all still be there when you are finished and if that includes having something unhealthy, then plan to have little and not going back to your old ways.

Good luck for week 3, you're doing great!


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Well done on the loss hun! I think you just get "used" to the diet???? The missing of food kind of fades into the background after a while.


maintaining since June'09
Hiya! Sounds like you still need to find the right 'headspace' - you may slip into it or you may have to make a conscious effort NOT to allow the food thoughts in.

Personally I have never missed food - I made the decision to do myself, my body, my family etc the favour of 3 months on this knowing that food would never be an option during this time. If a smell or an odd thought while I'm cooking or serving food tries to creep in I block it immediately and go and occupy myself elsewhere (usually on here ;))

I'm not a particularly strong person but when I make a decision like this I don't 'revisit' it - it's made so I live with it until the time's up.

We're all different though and I wish you the best of luck. If the losses you've experienced aren't enough to spur you on and show you it's worth a few weeks or months of not eating 'proper' food I'm not sure anything anyone else says can help...... xx


maintaining since June'09
Ooooooo that might read a bit harsh .... don't mean it to be! :( xx
that's fab weight loss Clare - well done you!

I'm only in week 5 but as I'm planning on getting to 11 stone on LT then I'll very much be a longtermer!

I'm lucky in that i've not felt hungry. I almost had a craving the other day (time of the month) for chocolate, but that was more the habit and comfort than actually being hungry. what I'd add to that though is that this is by far the most willpower i've ever demonstrated in any diet (or anything else, for that matter). and that's because of the results I've already had - i think many here find that that's a great motivator :)

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