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Week 2 WI

Had my weigh in last night and i have lost 2 lbs this week :rolleyes: . I was expecting this loss or even less because i was due on my period and i thought i might have water retention :( .

But after i got weighed yesterday i was really low and upset :( . The reason being because i was talking to my CDC and she said that she hasnt seen weightloss like mine before and her other clients lose alot more (i think she still thinks i am cheating when i am most certainly not). She said that if the diet isn't working for me then i can quit and she'll buy any of my unused packs off me. But we talked about it and we think my low weightloss could be due to a slow metabolism. I have been on many medications and i know it has affected my metabolism.

So we decided that i would stick with SS for the next 2 weeks and then do the AAM week. If in that week if i lose more weight (the extra cals might stimulate my metabolism more) then i can move onto the 790 plan.
I was pretty happy with this so i'm just going to see things through.

But when i got home last night i started thinking about stuff and i got really really upset. I just couldnt stop crying:cry: :cry: :cry: . I was worried that i wouldnt lose any weight and then i would have no other option left. I also think part of why i was crying so much was because i was due on. I was really upset and i really wanted to eat some food. I decided that i was going to quit and went downstairs to get some food but i talked to my mum and she said i should keep at it. So i did some more crying:cry: :cry: :cry: and then went out with my sisters for a chill in the car.

Anyway, i just thought i would let you all know about my horrible WI last night. I'll prob put this in my blog too. :rolleyes:

I hope everyone else is doing well on their diets.

xx :)

ps i forgot to mention that i am losing inches because my clothes are getting big for me :)
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Well the inch loss is great, after all your weight is a number.....and if we can feel our clothes getting bigger you must be losing it from somewhere.....this is great.

Chin up hun.

Sorry the loss wasn't great, I know is dificult by try and stick with it and hopefully it will all catch up and you will have a great loss next week.

Chin up hun ;)
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:hug99: awww thank you for your support. I can get really emotional around TOTM so it just amplified my low mood last night. I hope i will lose a little more next week, but i guess 2lbs a week aint bad, just means it will be easier to keep off. As long i am losing inches i am happy.

Thanks again xx :)
It was my second weigh in last night as well. Like you I lost 2lb and was a little upset. But remember its half a stone in two weeks.:)
My CDC was very encouraging and said you shouldn’t compare weight loss to others as if you have more to lose it may come off faster to begin with.
Think positive I know how heart breaking it is when you have had no food and only lost 2lb but at least it’s off not on
Good luck this week


jelly belly
hey mb
i have just got back from my weigh in and like just 2lb
but again i feel thinner in my clothes
stick with it and hopefully we`ll both see a better result next week
kaz xxx
Wow you have lost over a stone in less than a month, well done :) , thats sper. I'm sure you will see a bigger loss next week too.


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