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Week 2 WI

Hey guys,

Just wanted to update my losses for week... a rather meagre 3lbs. I know it's still a loss...but when you're hungry all the time and missing out on meals with friends....3lbs doesn't seem very much!!!

Feeling a bit sorry for myself tonight.... gonna have a bath and bed to avoid the temptation of saying 'sod it!' and reaching for the carbs!

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that is still a good loss, your losses will even out over a month to around the same amount 'roughly' you have lost 20lbs in 2 weeks....that is amazing!!! your body may of just slowed the loss slightly this week as it is in shock from the amount you lost last week :-O !!! u may find that u will lose 4-5 lbs next week...

try not to feel disheartened...think of what u have already lost in 14 days and think of how you are going to feel when you reach your target weight and you can go out with your friends feeling really good about yourself!!! it will be worth it huni....you are starting off around the same weight as i did !!!

Good luck and keep up the good work :) x x
20 lbs in two weeks!! Go you, well done.
Can understand how you are disappointed after such a huge loss last week, but it will be pure fat you have lost this week :)
I'm sure next weeks weigh in will make up for it!
Good luck


Back on the diet train...
hun you have done brill!!! 20lb in 2 weeks??? fantastic!! :D. if it makes you feel better i only lost 1lb this week!! ;)

chin up hun, keep drinking and next week will be a different story!!


irish molly

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3 + 17 = 20!!!! Good going in two weeks so take heart and don't feel bad about this. What other diet would give you losses like this. You know it will get easier over the next week or so, so stay strong. You will do this!!


Here we go again!
I think that's a fantastic loss! 20lbs in 2 weeks, go you!!

If I can lose 3lbs a week from now on I will be very happy. I think that's good steady weight loss and the weigh ins will be going down steadily each week.

Keep going, you're doing fantastic!
20lbs is a huge amount to lose in two weeks- think about it losing 17lbs in week one would normally cover a few weeks for some people (me included)and although we all would love to lose 17lbs each week I dont think there is a diet on this planet that would allow us otherwise we would be all walking around as skinnymalinx so 3lbs is fantastic!!! Well done you and best of luck this week xxx

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