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week 21 WI


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I weighed a day late due to my weekend in Scotland and pleased to report a 2.8 lb loss. I'm claiming my 6 stone off today too since Im just a fraction of a pound off and its within the same pound haha

Feeling fantastic. Bumped into my sisters boyfriend when I was away who hadn't seen me in over a year and he barely recognised me, showering me in compliments and repeated use of the phrase "wow, you look amazing" which made my day :)

For the first time ever I even allowed photos to be taken freely and wow, I am looking so much better these days, and younger! I can hardly believe the change in me. You know what though? These are the first pictures in years where I look genuinely happy, smiling from the heart, so glad I can see the difference in myself like that, makes me realise just how bad the mental effect of being so overweight actually was =\
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Congrats Cookeh, well done! *2 thumbs up*
congrats girlie, 6 friggin stone,,i can imagine your over the moon, i am so happy for you !!


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thats amazing love, u must be a happy chick!!!
that is absofilippinflutly amazing well done. give yourself a big pat on the back x


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Thank you ladies, I still can't believe it. Not only have I never lost more than 4st in the past I never previously made it past 8 week on LT! Feels good to be able to keep going over the long haul and reap the rewards that are coming from continued weightloss.

And to think that when I joined wws for the first time aged 18 I had 1st 3lbs to lose and I couldn't manage it!

irish molly

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What a fab positive post! Not only a boost for you but for everyone reading it. Well done on the loss and on feeling so fab about yourself. We don't celebrate our achievements enough cos we are so used to doing ourselves down for the way we have become. As the weight goes down our confidence should go up. Have a great week.


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Thank you Molly :) I know what you mean, we are always do down on ourselves when we are overweight. I think only reason I'm openly praising myself is because I have nobody around me doing it and really I need the praise to motivate me to keep going, especially through the hunger and occasional cravings.

This past weekend was an eye opener. You can't beat a genuine and unexpected compliment from an unlikely source and then to see the photos and actually like all of them was a total first for me and gave me a massive boost. So not only did I hear evidence of my hard work but I could physically see it in the pictures and I'm no longer so hard on myself as to deny I did actually look pretty good in them hehe

All new experiences for me, its taking time to adjust to the fact I no longer resemble the old me. I'm treated differently now by complete strangers. It's all very odd but I'm liking it :)
Fantastic achievement Cookeh, and the compliments are so well deserved.. You look truly glowing with pride in your photo, and rightly so.. It is people like you that make success on LT a genuine possibility for people like me.. .So a great big WELL DONE, and an equally big THANK YOU x x x


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Aww Su what a lovely post, thank you for your kind words. It helps to know my journey, the good *and* the bad, helps others to get through it. I know when I read other peoples successes and slips it helps give me hope and make me feel normal. We're all human but we all can do this with our heads in the right space and the support of the wonderful people on here.

Honestly can't wait to be a success story that got to goal so that when others think they have too much to lose, or that they can't stick with it, I might be able to give a little hope and return the favour that so many of those now maintaining (and losing!) gave me x
a BIG! MASSIVE!! well done to you Cookeh!

I hope you celebrate with a big card splurge in your favourite clothes shops.


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Aww thanks hon. Sadly I have no money, am on benefits and going through a divorce so scraping to get by. Didn't really fully think through the new wardrobe implication of losing so much weight lol
We really should have a thread to get rid of clothes to each other.. Buyer pays postage plus a little bit or something similar... that way, our old clothes go to a good home, and the buyer gets them cheaply... It makes sense really especially as we lose so quick the clothes between our biggest and smallest sizes are hardly worn.. I know what i mean!!! lol x x
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It's a great idea but it'd be pandemonium, can you imagine it hehe certainly I for one would could desperately use a service like that though.

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