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Week 3 and Struggling

I'm on week three of slimming world and this week i've found it so difficult. Weigh in on Wednesday and I know i've put on weight. I'm craving so much of the things I just shouldn't have, chocolate, sweet things, cake... aaggggh.... Is this normal? any suggestions?
I'm also struggling to find the energy after an 8 hour day to cook from scratch a decent syn free dinner. :cry:
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Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
yes it's normal - you're body's still wondering what's happening! Don't give in to your cravings - find SW alternatives! Curley Wurley for 6 syns? Skinny Cow Hot Chocolate for 2 syns? WW whip dessert for 2 syns?
When you do have energy batch cook some chilli/curry things that you can just reheat during the week - or go for something like beans, egg & mash or even a Pasta n Sauce packet!
Thanks everyone. I do have a slow cooker but never use it. I know I can do this, just had such a crap week... topping (and going over my syns) most days. I think next week is "the time of the month" which is probably not helping as I usually crave sweet things. feeling very fed up today, just needed a rant and to talk to people that understand. My husband eats what he wants when he wants! typical bloke! xx
You dont always have to cook from scratch, last night I had sw chips, egg and spaghetti, it was so easy yet soooooooooo nice!
Today I had salmon steaks just seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, chucked in the oven, with boiled new potatoes and an egg salad from morrissons tht cost me 20p in the reduced section :D
I did use a packet hollandaise sauce but only used half of it and that was 2.5 syns, and salad dressing was 1 syn.

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Of course don't forget you can freeze SW chips after the par-boiling stage so takes some of the time out of it!

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I chip them in the morning and leave them in a pan of water until tea time.
and I leave the skins on cos i'm a lazy moo moo :D
Better for the fibre - now get your butt back to MSE :whistle:
I usually prepare for the next day the evening before. I work during the day and then quite often work in the evening at another job, so I have to be prepared.
Just plan what you are going to eat in advance Hun.

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