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Week 3 progress!

Hello!! I thought I would check in at the end of wk3 It's been a rather strange week because I've been off work with man flu so my eating plan hasn't been as strict as I have at work.
Normally on a working day it would be:
B- eggs/bacon
D-chicken cesar salad
T-meat and veg
W-3 litres
E- at least 5 miles walking

But at the moment it's
B-maybe some bacon
L-couple of burgers and cheese and side salad
T-protein of some kind
W-maybe 2litre
E-a big fat zero :(

The major major difference for me is....I've caved and started drinking diet soft drinks! (runs and hides) I resisted the first 2weeks but I couldnt do it anymore I use them like a sweet snack, I started drinking sainsburys own make first because they are made with sucrose but eventually I'm back on the diet coke and aspartame :( I've also got addicted to weighing myself! It's stupid I know and normally I do it once a week but right now I do it every morning and sometimes more? And also ketostix? I'm testing myself loads as well?! It's daft because I'm normally the person who tells people not to do what I'm doing! My ketotix are still ranging purple to dark purple so u guess it's still working, the weight loss has slowed a tiny tiny bit,

I've still lost 17lbs in 17 days which (in my eyes) is still very good and If someone said to me two weeks ago "do you want to lose a stone and eat cheese and meat?" I would of never believed them! Introduction of aspartame has been the big turning point for me, I'm Not a big sugar,bread or pasta kinda guy anyway but the diet drinks was the bit I missed the most as it filled me up and cured any sugar cravings I may of had. I'm going to stay on introduction for another two weeks, this week has been a cheat week despite avoiding carbs like the plague.

I've gone from 16st lbs To today's weight of 15st 2lbs My goal is 14st I know I will get there I just need to stop seeing the weight loss so far and look down on it, I've lost a lot!

I'm getting a little bored now of what im eating though so it's time to spice it up. I didn't put the weight on overnight so I'm not going to lose it overnight. Onwards and upwards :)
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This is for life
S: 17st8.9lb C: 12st12.8lb G: 12st6.2lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 4st10.1lb(26.77%)
Wow - well done on your progress so far. And we all need to find the thing that makes the diet sustainable for us - for me it's mims and wine:) might slow us down but lets this be a way of life:D

Yes do have a trawl through the sticky on recipes - there is some great stuff there - and quick and easy too. Frankly I've never enjoyed cooking and eating so much:)

Keep it up!
despite the illness you have sooooooooooooooo well .... now just keep it up as you can see the finishing line !!! xx
Thanks for the comments so far,

One thing I will say Isim quite surprised how I've managed to stick to this diet so well!
I normally eat low carb anyway and Monday to Friday I would be good then fri and sat nights I would get a take away which would be a pizza or a indian? Those are my two major meals I miss the most but I've knuckled down and remembered the scales!

It must be working because I never list weight on my old own low carb diet :)
Wow that is an incredible weightloss...well done...:happy096:

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