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Week 3 treat...


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Great isn't it? :)

ON week 13 now and I have to say my wardrobe is shrinking rapidly - every week I have to discard items!

I'm now beginning to look forward to clothes shopping for the first time in years.
I see from your tracker you have done so well, i would be pleased if I manage half of what you have. Even losing 10lbs has changed my life, I feel happier, more focused and lighter! why have i only just discovered this!


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lol, Jules, i felt exactly the same!! I first heard about LT from a friend about 5/6 weeks before i started it.

To be honest I was sceptical - not of its effectiveness, but of my own willpower! I really didn't think I'd last beyond week 2!

13 weeks on and I've dropped almost 3 dress sizes, over 4 stone, haven't strayed from LT at all, have done wedding, numerous boozy nights out, meals in restaurants and totally avoided the countless hotel breakfasts week in week out, in the course of my job.

One thing I did early on was write down a few pages of goals, so almost every week there is something to tick off and commemorate with a date. Every half stone, every smaller sized item of clothing, getting under 100kg, getting to halfway etc etc.

I just feel really good!
Thats a brilliant idea writing out goals, i will try that. I am happy at the mo with my goal of the weekly WI that seems to keep me motivated. You have done so well, you have def inspired me. I got married in Feb and am having a big reception in sept then going on honeymoon so really want to get my dress taken in and see the difference in the photos. Also will be nice to shop for slinky summer clothes for thee honeymoon. I am also a bridesmaid in Aug and the bride wants us to wear Orange, I figure if i have to wear Orange its prob better to be thinner, I don't actually want to look like an orange walking down the eisle!


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Orange?? Interesting... lol.

I wished I'd lost weight for being chief bridesmaid about 5 years ago - but never managed it. I still have the dress (size 26 :() but at least it's far too big now. Am thinking of seeing if someone could take it in when i get to goal...

It will feel fantastic when you shop for your honeymoon! What I've noticed is that even at size 20 I feel so much mroe confident about wearing more fitted clothes than i did when i was going up in sizes, so that's a real bonus.
I think feeling more confident is half the battle, the more and more you lose the more you are motivated and the happier you feel in yourself. To me feeling good about yourself is the main thing.

I have just been shopping and am down a dress size in tops and bottoms - yeah!! Now a 14 in both!! whoop!
Great going girls .Keep it up !!!!!!!!:D:D

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