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Week 3 weigh in but I feel like giving up


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Had my 3rd week weigh in last night. 3.8 lbs which is great but I seriously do not know how long I can keep on going on this diet. Even the weight losses are not spurring me on - I sooo need food, its driving me up the wall and I seriously think I may give in!

Not good I know! :cry:
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sammy i think i know how you feel, im hungry a lot of the time, the water is hard i cant plan to go anywhere has i need the toilet so much, some days i cant stand the packs.
BUT i keep thinking 100 days out of my life & ill be the me i dream of .Keeps me going, i want it so much im taking one day at a time.I suppose what im trying too say is i would rather feel like this for 100 days then fat & fed up for the rest of my life.Good luck i hope you stick with it.


Taking it Day by Day
Hi Sammy!
I have to agree with Eileen. I miss food especially in the evenings (maybe that is the time I used to eat most for whatever reasons). I too just take it one day at a time,and before I know another week has gone and Iwill have lost some more weight, and so will you. When you feel like this just try and stay away from food as much as possible (do you need to cook for anyone?) and remove the temptation. With the counselling you will learn more about why you eat and that will help you to keep the weight off. Have you tried any of the recipes given in the recipe thread? The biscuits are quite nice and make you feel as though you are having something to chew;) Hope this helps and you can stay with it.
Aww big hugs..its SOOOO tough some days isnt it. Try & keep yourself busy and focus on the positives. Look how much you've lost (really good losses by the way!); you are a quarter of the way there already so whats a few more weeks. Take it a day at a time and start to think about triggers for wanting to eat ...are you bored, lonely, angry, tired....At the end of the day you and you alone can make the decision on whether to go on and it really is worth it when you do! Promise! Despite not great losses I've gone from size 22/24 to size 16/18 in two and a half months and being able to say "I will never shop in Evans again" is bloody marvellous! Stick with it girl!


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hi sammy
know how you are feeling and i wish i could tell you that it does get easier but i cant (this is probably not what you were hoping to hear) the only thing you have to think about is the here and now honey dont think about where you are or where you have to go to think about how far you have come and after all what is 100 days out of your life to feel soooo much better and look fantastic!!!!!!
imagine yourself in 10 weeks honey and keep at it
i know you WANT food but you really dont need it
a am on week 6 now and i feel just like you but pamper yourself with a nice long soak and read in the bath do your nails and keep talking to the people on here who are all in the same boat as you
they help a lot


Busy busy busy!!
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You are doing soooo well, it would be ashame to give up now. If you really can't do SS would you be better transfering to Cambridge and doing the 790plan where you have an evening meal as well as your CD packs??

Hope you manage to sort yourself out.

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Sammy, please don't give up, you made a commitment to this diet & it would be a shame to give up all the hard work you've already put into it.
The time really doe's fly past, it feels like only yesterday I started LL, but I'm now in week 13.
As JuliaKno said have you tried the recipe's? I think this is what has kept me going, a little bit of variety along the way.
Also your tastes change as you go along, I actually love the nut crunch bar, but loathed it when I first tried it.
If you want to lose the weight, just keep at it & take each day as it comes, don't look at the whole picture & you will soon be where I am.
At week 3 I didn't know if I could achieve my goal, I felt hungry, I wanted food, but I kept going, thank god I did, I am now officially overweight & the weight has just dropped off me.
I believe that this diet saved my life & it that is a miracle.
Keep posting on here when you are feeling down or need some help & we will all be here for you.
Good luck


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Hi everyone

Thanks so much for all the comments, it seriously does help. I am sitting here utterly miserable with myself (prob feeling sorry for myself) I have wasted two packs making some recipes that I have gagged on!

I soo miss food, I really don't think I am strong enough a person to do this, I could actually cry each time I see someone eating - its trully killing me. I've came into bed early as I am that miserable and hope that i wake up tomorrow and feel different.....

Thanks so much everyone - you really do help and had it not been for the responses so far I know that I would have been down the chip shop by now!

I am hopeless cause!
Hi Sammy, I am in week 13 and i sooo know how you feel, I was an "evening muncher" before i started LL so as you can imagine the first few weeks were shear hell, until someone said that they made ice lollies with the water flavourings. Well i never looked back it was definatley what i needed. My husband laughs at me while i nibble away on my ice lollies - but its the whole eating thing - it messes with your head. Well done on your loss so far 100 days is such a small length of time when you think what you will have achieved. I have lost 4st 10lbs and feel great. If anything should keep you going it will be the support you get from this site. Wishing you LOL on your adventure all the best Pam x
Aw Pam thanks so much for your kind words - really appreciate it.

I need to try those ice lollies then - I have the water flavourings too so could give that a go.

Silly question but how do you make them?
Aw Pam thanks so much for your kind words - really appreciate it.

I need to try those ice lollies then - I have the water flavourings too so could give that a go.

Silly question but how do you make them?
Hi Sammy
I went to argos and bought the lolly ice moulds. I use sparkling water (gives a bit of a fizz) with 2 tablespoons of flavouring, probably best to try a few first to see how strong you like it. I like mine quite strong BUT there is a slight windy side affect if you have to many !!! If you know what i mean ..... good luck let me know you get on. Have you tried the banana flavour pack yet ? i make mine into little cookies - melt 2 sweetners in a small amount of water then add the pack and mix to a paste get a teaspoon and spoon the mixture onto a microwavable plate, i cook them on high for about 2 mins (you might have to keep checking them ) but they come out lovely. They will still be the same colour but should be crunchy - these have kept me going. The caramel is nice made into cookies aswell but mind how much water you put in as the banana one seems to be the thickest. It is all trial and error but once you've cracked it you will be well away. Good luck sweetie Pam xx
aw Pam thanks - gonna go purchase some moulds!

I love the banana shakes - I tried to make a muffin like the chocolate one and they were trully disgusting - must try with the biscuit root then. I can never seem to get them to go crusty - they always end up burnt!

Thanks for all the tips!
aw Pam thanks - gonna go purchase some moulds!

I love the banana shakes - I tried to make a muffin like the chocolate one and they were trully disgusting - must try with the biscuit root then. I can never seem to get them to go crusty - they always end up burnt!

Thanks for all the tips!
Your welcome Sammy
I tried to make the chocolate muffin as well but it was vile !!!! so gave up on that one
good luck with the cookies/biscuits and the lollies xx
Remember to stay positive and get as much support from your LLC and your group i'm sure their are others that are feeling just the same.


Allan G

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Great weight loss so far, it does bog you down sometimes drinking loads of water, but STAY AWAY FROM THE FOOD:D


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Hi Sammy

Please don't give in to food. As ISOM says you are a quarter of the way to target already, in only 3 weeks!

Remember you are only in the early days of breaking habits you have had for several years and your mind will still be revolving around when and what you used to eat. I know exactly what you mean - the first few weeks I spent all evening thinking I'll get myself something to eat - oh I can't - repeatedly. It does get easier - one day you suddenly realise you haven't thought like that for several days - one day you walk past a food shop and the smell turns your stomach - one day you suddenly realise you have gone to bed without your last foodpack. I am not saying it is always easy but it does get better! Have you tried the Marigold stock? Maybe worth a try, will give you something tasty inbetween snacks.

Maybe also try and think of a non food reward for sticking to plan for next week, then for week after etc.

I hope you feel more positive soon - and discuss your feelings with your counsellor, it can't do any harm and that is what they are there for and what you are paying for after all!

All the best!
G: 12st0lb
Please keep strong Sammy I hope it helps to know that you are not alone , we all have and at times still do feel as awfull as you do t the moment , its all a case of whats more important to you . I like Cherry seriously feel that this diet is ataully saving my life and hopefully now that I am shedding this weight that has been like a disability to me for years I know I will hve extra years to live and EAT! Food will still be there when you have done your 100 days, and you will be slim!
Good Luck Oh and try half a banana shake made up[ with a small amount of hot water it makes a lovely bana custard that is just fab sprinked with half a nut crunch bar , this has seriously stopped me from pigging out in the evenings on so many occasions.
Love carole

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeh the banana custard & nut crunch is soooo delicious I have it every day & sometimes twice a day.

Hope you're feeling more motivated Sammy & have got past this blip in your diet.
Hi Sammy

Hope you're feeling a bit brighter after reading all of the posts. Yesterday I reached my 100 day milestone. I cannot even put into words what it felt like. Of the previous 100 days I distinctly remember Day 3 and how I felt in terms of trying to imagine 100 days of this, and yesterday I got there. 100 days of complete and total abstinence and I never EVER thought it was possible.

The thing that helped me most was not to look forward, but to look back at the time that was passing. The time really does fly by. I remember reading posts just like this back then quite literally craving for the day I could write 'I've reached 100 days'. It can happen. It does happen. It has happened!

Not sure if you're a fan of writing stuff down, that really helps me. Even after 3 weeks I bet you've faced some really tough challenges and got through them all. That's amazing! Scribble them down and read and re-read.

I completely know what you mean about 'the losses aren't enough to keep me going'. In many ways they aren't for everyone - me included. It was my mind that kept me going, and is still keeping me going, as 100 days is just the 1st milestone for me - I've probably got another 8 weeks to go before I'm ready for management.
Don't get me wrong, all of the benefits of losing 5st are fabulous - I look great (no modesty there then!), I love being able to shop everywhere for a brand new wardrobe, I love catching sight of myself in the mirror, etc etc. But most of all I love the fact that I've done so much work on the head stuff in these 1st 100 days and that's where all of the hard days (of which there have been a fair few) have really paid off.

I really hope you keep going. All of the mini's could talk endlessly around the challenges - we've all faced, but also could talk endlessly about getting to different stages, and knocking the sh*t out of some of the goals and targets!!

Is this post too long? Probably! :D
Let us know how it's all going.
TG :)
What are you doing to keep yourself busy? Thats one of the great ways to distract yourself and for really bad days just have a bath & early night. All seems better after a good nights sleep. I'm fairly close to the 100days and not cheated once and like TG cant hardly believe I've got this far. My secret has been not to think ahead but go a day at a time. I still have a long way to go and it will take time but I know it will be worth it. Not having food is not killing you but you are having to cope with life, and all it throws at you, without food and that is really hard because you have to look at your coping mechanisms and find new ways of coping. That is hard because before we stuffed everything down with food rather than deal with things but for me this, not necessarily the weight, have been the important part of the journey for me and I know I will never go back to where I was before again. I hope you can persevere and post a simular post to someone in your position a few months on. You SOOOOO CAN do this. Just take it a day at a time, listen to your body and stick with it. It's lifechanging!

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