Week 3 - Weigh In (To think I nearly gave up)


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HI all,

ok after my 'I feel like giving up' post 2 days ago, I thought I'd update. I have lost 4lbs.

So in 3 weeks I have lost 12lbs. Another 2 lbs and I can make that one full stone. Meaning I would have reached my January taregt.

Feel good about it.

My sister has just made a really nice stir fry and it smells soooooooo good. But I will resist.

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Well done hun for sticking with it.....so close to the stone , i'm sure you'll get there by the end of the month....keep going your doing fab!.Resist the chinese it'll never taste as good as you'll look at target x


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Well done hun..I was feeling the same way for a few days...but have kept me head down..and got through it..feeling much better and have WI sunday to look foward too..fingers-x for good loss..
Keep up the good work hun..

irish molly

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Well done for staying strong. It is easy to weaken and feel like giving up but the rewards are fab if you resist. Keep busy and keep sipping water. I found that water was my very best friend. Once I kept sipping at it rather than having big glassfuls it kept me full and helped with the boredom of what do with myself when not eating.
HAng in there, you will be so pleased you did.