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week 3 :-(

Hi everyone bit p*****off this week only lost 2 1/2 LB not done anything different been so good i hope i loose more next week! i got a coconut flapjack to try well it said coconut on it but it had peanuts in it!not a patch on mcvities! i can dream eh! lol i suppose theyre a change from shakes!
deb x
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Slowly but surely!
Hi Hun, thats a great loss especially as you have had amazing losses the last 2 weeks :) I cant stand the flapjacks so good luck with them :) x
I know the flapjacks are not nice are they but they're a hnge i dont know whether to try the peanut one or not?i cant work out whether ive lost more than 2 and a half i was 89.40 last week and now 88.15 that works out an a online weight converter that theirs 5 and a half pounds difference between last week and this week!but the lady in the chemist said it was 2 and a half!
deb x
As MummyEm said you have had such amazing results in the first 2 weeks. Whether it is 2 1/2lbs or more you have still lost. I would just clarify when you go for your next weigh in. To be honest they had trouble converting mine and said I'd probably lost a little over 6lbs but she'd round up in stone.
Just keep at it because it doesn't detract from the fact you have lost 1stone 1/2 in 3 weeks which is fantastic!


Slowly but surely!
It looks like about 2 1/2 to me, I think there is 2.2lbs in a KG, try to look at it as you have lost 22lbs in 3 weeks thats over 1 and a half stone, that is bloody amazing!!
Just so you know there are 2.2lbs to a kg. So you have lost 1.25 kg which = 2.7lbs :)
oops sorry someone already said that! :)
Sorry I am off with the fairies today I meant to say that I understand that after the last couple of weeks it doesn't' seem like much but it is still a LOSS & well done.. :)


Silver Member
It's still a loss and in the right direction !

Just over a bag of sugar !

yeah at least its a loss its just not as much as id like! but we're neva satisfied i always want more off! all over night if possible!lol
deb x
Wouldn't it be nice if we could just wave a magic wand and lose the weight, sadly we would be in dream land. Try not to be impatient, just remember your losses are HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, in only a short time.
Well done:D


Gold Member
Hun you have lost over 1.5 stone in 3 weeks! You are doing fab!
you've had incredible losses over your first 3 weeks - think of it like that instead of being a bit disappointed with one week's performance :)
Congratulations on an amazing 3 week loss. I imagine you look so different, dropping all that weight so quickly. Well done. Keep it up.

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