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week 4 weigh in (and add a meal next week)

I know I should be happy, but I can't help feeling a little disappointed as I only lost 2 pounds, even though I've stuck 100%...

My CDC is also certain that she wants me to do 810 next week, as she makes all her clients do it every 5th week. she said it will give my metabolism a boost, which I think I need.

However, the book says on 810 most people don't stay in ketosis. I'm really worried about this, as I don't want to have to go back in again.

can any1 cheer me up/give me some advice about 810? Should I do SS+ instead?

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I don't know about whether you should do SS+ or 810 but I just wanted to say well done on your loss, I know you're not happy with it but you've lost 22lbs in 4 weeks and for someone who's waiting to start cd at the end of the months that's a big inspiration! So keep going, you've done well and the scales are coming down!


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If i were you i would SS+ or carry on ssing at the end of the day, its up to you what you do not your CDC they can advise you yes, the yellow book says you can ss for 12 weeks so you are not going to do any damage, If you feel you want food ss+ for a week and see how you go, 810 may make you feel hungry again, not a good feeling, i wish you luck in whatever you decide.
Thank you for you replies.

Yeh the hunger is why I'm worried about 810. I think I might stick to SS+ for the week.

Does anyone elses CDC advice a higher plan every 5 weeks?


under the old rules you used to have a AAM (Add A Meal) week every 5 weeks, which sounds like your CDC is doing.

I stick to the 12weeks SS. I did do CD a long time ago, and found the AAM week was fine - but I think might have been lower in calories than the 810, so no ketosis issue.

You might find you are fine on 810 - You never know!


Cambridge Consultant
Just wanted to say well done for your loss... 2 lbs is still a good loss, I have had a few weeks where I have lost 2 lbs and then I have had say a 5 lbs loss so stick with it, it will come off it has too..
If I were you I would ss+ thats what I have been doing and definatley not come out of ketosis.
Your doing great....... good luck with the week ahead.

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