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Week 4 Weigh In :(

Hey everyone,

Well as my title shows I am very :cry: about my weigh in this week. I lost a measly 1lb! And I`m gutted :(

What upset me more was the woman who weighed me (my usual lady is away this week) rounded it up instead of down and made me heavier than I am and also changed my weigh in from last week and added 1lb!! Stupid moo! I`m ignoring her cos I know last week was right and I`m 1lb less than she says I am this week.

She also implied that I had a bad loss because I was cheating :mad: I have NEVER EVER cheated since starting this diet so it really pissed me off :mad:

She was telling me about her other cheaters who say a little bit here and there won`t matter but it does - Hinting that it matters even if I`m cheating only a little bit! :mad:

I have decided to do 1 more week and then I am going to try refeeding and taking the Xenical alongside (I never got my last prescription as I started the LT - My Dr doesn`t know). I have trouble exercising on LT as I get too dizzy, So I`m going to try the refeeding and upping my exercise.

Anyway, Ramble/rant over!

Well done to all the others who`ve had great weigh ins today :)

LiSe Xxx
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ah sorry to hear u were dissapointed,

wow the girl at chemist doesnt sound very nice, hopefully your usual girl will be back next week

i know you didnt cheat but could you have totm?
What a witch! Dont get downhearted, you know the reality and a loss is a loss.



Otherwise known as Jools
Awww sweetie its very very hard not to be downhearted after that experience. Maybe her scales were faulty ! or the chemist had her toe on the back of it adding extra weight. Just because others cheat doesnt mean we all do - she might have been embarrassed that she got it wrong.

Think of the positives - how far you have come now - fantastic work there - you have lost loads of weight and are getting closer to your goal with each loss.

I didnt find Xenical much good, lost very little on it much like a girl at my work is on that and she has only lost about 7lbs in 3 months.

Whatever you decide to do we all wish you well and lots of luck and love.




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Babes you are such a brilliant person that I can't imagine why anyone would want to upset you. You have been so great to everyone here with your support.

I want you to have a look at my last 3 loses below my ticker. I know how you feel because that is exactly how I have felt for the past 3 weeks. You are not doing this for other people so you dont have a reason to lie. If you have cheated then you would not have been dissapointed. I have not cheated but look at my losses. I just put it down to not having too much to lose.

If you look better and feel better then I dont think the scales should matter. You are stronger then that. As long as you are losing weight then you are doing it right.

Dont be upset babes it does not suit you :)
Hey hun, im sorry that your dissappointed like you i only lost 1lb last week and like you i have never cheated either..
we seem to gear ourselves up for a bigger loss and when it doesnt happen we get so down...
But look at how far you have come and a loss is a loss hun so well done xxxx
Oh LiSe don't be down, it is still 2 packs of butter - and about the same as I lost last week! You have done so well so far and I bet next week will be a better loss - a finger to that horrible girl for doubting you.

Another plus point - Peter is currently in front!!! I keep voting for him!!

Thanks for the lovely replies x

Not TOTM, that was last week when I lost 8lbs?! :(

I never expected huge losses cos my body just doesn`t work like that :( I was hoping for 3-4lbs but 1lb takes the biscuit :(

I didn`t have much luck on Xenical either which is why I tried the LT - Sort of last resort. But I have a months supply so I may aswell use them to help with refeeding.

There are a few reasons why I have decided to refeed. One main one is that I`m worried what impression I`m giving my 3 yr old daughter about eating/dieting etc as we all eat together but obviously I don`t have food. Another reason is that I`m still having digestive issues and I`ve had enough of it tbh :( A third reason is that I am going to the Twilight Prom and I have decided it would be better to be eating or I wouldn`t be able to cope with it as I`m seriously lacking energy. I don`t have this ketosis high others have :( Dunno if it`s linked to my underactive thyroid or not.

I was going to wait for a couple of weeks, But I was very disheartened with my weigh in today so I thought why wait.

I`m very worried about refeeding :cry: Incase I pile the weight back on. But I don`t have any food issues so I should be ok.

***hugs*** Jesi, I know just how you feel. And I think you`re FAB to keep persevering - I hope you get some bigger losses soon. Either way you`ll get there hunnie Xxxxx

*hugs* to all...Thanks again

Sorry about the weigh in 1lb is still a loss but i'd prob feel like you
having said that you know you can do it lose weigh and keep going week after week take a huge amount of will power your not giving in just trying somthing different so you should be proud losing 55lb so far :)

debz x
A pound off is still a loss hun, I know its not much comfort when you've knocked your pan in all week trying to lose weight, but it also means that 1 pound brings you to a 55 pound loss. That's a fab achievement hun, and never ever lose sight of what you've achieved, you did it, no one else. Be proud of yourself :)


Positivity is the key
Hi Lise,
so sorry for how you were treated today. Surely if your chemist took all your details at the start then she would be aware of your underactive thyroid and the difficulties that may cause.
I wouldn't worry too much about your daughter, kids see what they see and accept it as such, i have a 7 year old boy who talks about the diet, understands I wasn't happy at the weight I was and knows it is only until I am a healthy weight. The 6 and 3 year old accept what I eat and have never commented on it. They come to the chemist with me each week, where the 7 year old will ask me what I lost that week.
I look at the weight you are now and see that is the weight I am going to stop LT at and I know you can achieve what you want with diet and exercise. I understand the lack of energy as I suffer it also.
Are you going to do the maintenance? which you can stay on for as long as you like and can lose on it also.
Don't be worried about the refeed, you will be fine. I hope this week will be good for you and you will get some of your positivity back.
Wishing you all the best.
I'm sorry that you're disappointed with your loss; but that's still fat off, isn't it?!

It's unfair of her to do that; quite a few people have experienced losses like that on the forum & I lost 1lb for two weeks in a row when I did TFR last time, despite being following religiously. Maybe you should make a complaint about her behaviour?

Good luck with the re-feed! Though I hope it's not just the loss this week that's encouraging you to do it :)

Ggrrrrr.That makes me so mad,when people act like that,all it does is make you feel angry and negative(well it does me)I hope you do well whichever road you choose to go down.
I'm wi tomorrow and I am dreading it as I can feel the bloatedness already:( But I'm also looking forward to getting back into it.
Whatever you do please keep posting as I'm sure we would all miss you.
Good Luck
(i'm still voting)
The woman at the chemist sounds like a total cow bag to me! What a witch! You've done fantastically well and lost a HUGE amount of work...you should be getting loads of positive feedback and as it is she was being snidey and making you feel deflated and disappointed.

Just remember that a loss is better than none...and much better than a gain! Well DONE!!!

Luce xx


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A lot of my weeks have been a 1lb loss and yes it does piss you off, but your body has changed and will do what it wants but it IS in fat burning mode, so dont despair, i suggest you stay with LT as you are used to it and the less you have to lose the less is going to come off each week, just hang on in there, i tried to switch and change and ended up being frustrated as it didnt just work, i also did zenical ooh about 7 years ago, but then it was called orlistat and had very poor results, but it is your choice at the end of the day, just do not dissapear from this forum as we need your high spirits!!!! and also why is it that all the LT assistants are size 10, blonde and gorgeous!!!!!!!
Well it's 1 lb in the right direction and with her changing things when she weighed you i wouldnt really take much notice and wait while next week. I know thats easier said and I'd probably feel the same (dont think thats helping but trying to be honest) I had a cow once that said I lost 5 lb this week healthy eating and doing wii fit I'd lost 3 it was like a smack in the face I thought is she trying to say I've not eaten and lost 3 and she has and lost 5. Honestly sometimes people in these jobs should get a job they like instead of being miserable beggars allday. Rant over. I'd see what happens next week.

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