Week 4 weigh in

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Spoogs, 9 October 2007 Social URL.

  1. Spoogs

    Spoogs Member

    Great news!

    I had my week 4 weigh in last night and have lost another 6lb!!!!!!!!

    That makes:

    wk 1 10lb
    wk 2 0lb - no lapses either so very disappointed.....
    wk 3 9lb - made up for week 2.....
    wk 4 6lb

    So that is 25lb in 4 weeks - that is almost a lb per day. Amazing! :wow:

    Long may it continue.

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  3. Zomble

    Zomble Full Member

    Great work, Spoogs! I only lost 15lbs in 4 weeks, and was quite smug about that. You must be over the moon! (tell me quietly - what's the secret?)
  4. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

    25lb is fab! I only lost 16lb in the same time ... but everyone is different and ALL losses are good :) (25lb is still amazing though!;))
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    woo hoo. Congratulations :happy096:
  6. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    fantastic loss well done.
  7. Spoogs

    Spoogs Member

    Thanks for all your support.
    Didn't think I would lose much or any this week after 9 last week and also it is time of the month, so assumed that would play a part too but clearly not!
    I have a long way to go still - need to lose about 110lb in total but at least I am already nearly a quarter of the way there.
  8. rubywoo

    rubywoo Full Member

    Well done Spoogs!

    25lbs is an amazing achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. Carry on at this rate and those pesky 110lbs will be gone in no time.

    Well done.


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