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Week 5 WI


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Hey Peeps...

I've lost 2lb this week. It was totm last week, so Im assuming this is the reason for a smaller loss.

Im really struggling to drink water, the taste of it, and it feel like such an effort. I am managing to stick to at least 3 litres though.

Also the shakes are getting more and more vile as the weeks pass by.

Is it just me?

Keep up the good work girls/boys.
xx :D
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Funnily enough i've just been having my lunch (strawberry) and i thought what a nasty aftertaste that one in particular leaves me with.

I think on LT as our palates change we like different shakes more, or different teas etc.

2lb is a fab loss for TOTM - well done :)
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Hi Indie.rainbow i had the same loss last week and it was my totm and the girl in pharmacy said thats why, next week you should see more. I have to say 6 weeks in im getting used to the water even tho im fed up living in the loo LOL I just keep telling myself im flushing all the fat out and thats what gets me through:D
I think you can easily get sickened with the minimal selection of meal options so what i do is change it around every week although peoples opinions vary about the soup , flap jacks and shakes i think your taste buds change and eventually most of them become bearable. I love the soup it makes me feel like im eating a meal, i hated the flap jacks the second week but this week i bought 5!!
You will find a happy medium and dont be disappointed look at your weight loss as an over all loss not just one week.

Sorry now you will prob be asleep by the end of this but stay strong and good luck;)


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it's all adding up to a tidy number there hun.
congrats and keep up the good work x
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Well done on your loss!

3 litres is plenty really, so you're probably not doing any harm. Some days I do think that water tastes awful though. & erm...I always thought the shakes taste vile, so, not noticed a difference, heh.

Good luck for next week :)

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well done on your loss:D and i can't stand the strawberry it makes me gag it's got a strong after taste as you said
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hey hun

well done- 2lbs when it's totm is fab!! You're doing so well. I seem to have some days where the shakes are fine and others where I just want to be sick on them. It's funny really. Hope it gets a bit more bearable for you

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i have days where the shakes are hum and for the first time today i actually felt full after it. but i only drink the strawberry one but i really hope i will like some of the others as i go on coz 3 strawberry a day is kinda boring i do make it 2 different ways so dat makes it a bit better. 3 litres is perfect ive noticed i dont like some types of bottled water like riverrock maybe you should try some different ones like volvic or evian.

good luck with the week and 2lbs is brilliant they all add up in the end.


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Hi Emma
The weight you have lost in a few weeks is incredible really.....2lbs is good esp for TOTM! Well done.

Well, I absolutely hated the shakes at the start, but now I enjoy them, although I only have choc now and have a few soups for the week; around 5.

I think Elle is right that your taste buds change. I used to love the strawberry; now, I hate it...find it just too sweet and just cant imagine ever having another one.

I have also changed the amount of water/ice I have now. I used to have 240-50ml, but I now have about 400-450ml, which fills a pint glass once the shakes are made up, and this fills me up no end....and the taste is a little weaker too and not so strong.

You will find a happy medium....but, I was refeeding the other week for going on holiday and even on holiday I missed my brekkie shake...just didnt enjoy breakfast as I prefer the shake....so, we change :)


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Hi Indie,
well done to you on your weight loss this week.
Have you tried sparkling water, soda water, may give you a change of taste to help you on your way. Have you tried the vanilla with coffee, I never drank coffee until 3 weeks before the end of LT and it became my favourite shake, spoon of coffee, sweetener, vanilla shake and loads of crushed ice. Would nearly go back on LT just for that !!!!
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Firstly, you and Raquel are doing amazingly well. I know you've found it very tough at times, especially since you work with food but your determination has been been very impressive! 2lbs is a great loss and they all add up, so don't be down hearted.

I find Evian and Volvic to be the best wtaers to drink if you're buying. River Rock (which I'm not totally sure you get across the pond) is really greasy I find -weird! I freeze my bottles of water and sip them as they melt. Three liotres should be fine though -that's what I get into me.

The shakes -hmmm. At the start they can be a real struggle but I would have thought you'd ahve adapted by now. I make them with 450 -500ml and ALWAYS with ice and a sweetener.

Have you tried making peppermint tea, letting it go cold and making a mint-choc shake. Blended with ice it's delicious!

I hope it gets more bearable for ya babes. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH!oxo

irish molly

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Agree with what everyone has suggested. I put lots of ice in all the shakes and whisk them up relly well as this makes them frothy. I also bought a new Brita filter as it makes the water more palatable. I take sparkling mineral water for a change in the evenings. Watch the salt levels in the bottled waters as some of them have very high sodium content. Best of luck.
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Wahey Emma, you and Raquel are doing brilliantly!

Make sure the water is freezing cold, or add some ice. I was a huge water drinker before LT, I love it but even I struggle unless it's really cold. Same for the shakes, I make them up like a slush puppy with lots of crushed ice, yummy.

Lovely profile pic, is that you and Raquel?

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