week 6 and bad headaches


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i am drinking the usual 3 litres and having my packs but i am suffering from bad headaches and fatigue. has anyone else had this?

its almost as bad the first week.

maybe its caused by me only managing half my porrige in the mornings (its making me heave!!!) but its getting me down!
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Same thing happened to me about 4 months into the diet. Mine was Low Bloodpressure after losing soo much weight. If it continues I would go to the docs.


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I had this about the 6/7 week point. It was so bad that i had to call the out of hours nhs. My head was pounding, i was lightheaded, everything ached. I owned up to being on the diet, starting a new job in a school (so loads of germs), generally feeling run down were all factors. I felt really poorly for about 3 days then picked up. Just advised me to make sure i continued with plenty fluids and try to eat something just over weekend. I cant remember now what i had but probably some chicken and green veg.
Hope this helps


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From my experience it was dehydration and I was also drinking way more than that, if you can try and manage another litre a day and maybe spread it out more if you arnt although that would depend on your weight, I was guzzling 6 litres a day to start but as ive shrunk so has my intake and I find 4 + a couple of coffees enough now. Otherwise best maybe see the doctor make sure its not something completely different. :)


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Hi not on your diet but do suffer from headaches caused by sleep apnea. I do feel for you, mine are awful and I would not wish them on my worst enemy....drink more fluids and if it keeps up call NHS direct.....xx


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thanks everyone. its horrible as i really do feel awful. on monday i got home from work and put my head on the pillow to stop the pounding and ending up conking out for an hour. will just keep going and see what happens.