Week 6 - Is it the end of the road?


one day at a time....
S: 19st10lb C: 16st7lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 3st3lb(16.3%)
Well got through week 6 and have lost 6lb this week, my chemist was a little concerned as the weight is dropping maybe a little too quick??(not sure why she thought this):confused:
Had a rough week last week - i've remained 100% all the way but did a lot of travelling with my job and was sat on the train backwards, really made me feel ill so when it came to having my shake i got sick. I've also been struggling to get the 3 shakes in (i was off work last week and didn't space the shakes out enough) it was like my stomach was saying i don't want anymore after the second one!!! :spit:

I've had a chat with the chemist and she wants to see how i go this week if i still can't go the full week with all 3 shakes she has recommended that i do the refeed (not happy about this but need to do what is best don't want to damage my health). As i felt sick all last week she is going to check my ketones level next week, she thinks the level of ketones might be too high

Anyway sorry for the rant, off to have my final shake of the day!!
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Why on earth does she think that you are losing weight too quickly? Tbh you have a lot to lose, sorry I don't intend this to sound rude so please forgive me! so you are going to see some good losses if you are doing this properly! We all miss a few shakes once we're well into the diet cos your life stops being ruled by them!

Experience on here has proved that sadly, many pharmacies are absolutely clueless! I'd say stick with it if you can cos you're doing brilliantly!


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I 2nd what Sandra said! ur doing amazing and the losses seem good! i know when i was on Tfr i did feel faint and sick a few times and when i think of it i always felt rough if i didnt have my 3 shakes the day b4 so try ur best to have the 3 when possible !! Good luck hun hope u figure it out xx


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You are doing really well, but really do need all your shakes, the chemist has to follow the procedure they are given. Less than the 3 shakes is incredibly dangerous as LT is so low on cals anyway. Good luck with all your shakes this week. X


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Maybe im a bad person, but if i miss the occasional shake, I dont tell my chemist lol


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Maybe im a bad person, but if i miss the occasional shake, I dont tell my chemist lol

Nor do i, and it comes in so handy when money is tight and i realise i have got a weeks worth!!!! pmsl x x

You are doing great Ailish but maybe your chemist is concerned that by not having 3 shakes a day on a regular basis, you are going to be missing certain nutrients that you need... Good luck hun x


i know after being on this diet for so long, you dont feel like the third shake..... try making 1 in to a moose ?
and the chemist is wrong, you are doing very well in your weight loss, maybe there worried about if you lose so fast they lose that extra cash lol ( yes £10 goes in to there pocket for there time ) :D
good luck for this week hope all goes well :)