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Week 6 Weigh In...


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Evening all, I weighed in this morning & did measurements and I have lost 2lb and 4 1/2 inches! That means I am now finally under 12 stone, I was so so happy this morning :D! My total inch loss is now 19 1/2, amazing!

I have changed my goal to what I would like it to be, which is a bmi of 25, my original goal was 22.5 which is what my cdc decided on, so I've changed it to what I feel comfortable with! I haven't seen my cdc for 3 weeks now and am not going to see her till 3 August but I will tell her then that I've changed my goal!

I am thinking about going up the plans now too, I'm currently on ss+ but am going on holiday 6 weeks today for 2 weeks all inclusive so I wanted to get to 'normal eating' before we go, also my bmi is now 27 so only 12lbs off goal of bmi of 25, what would you suggest doing? Curly, what was your bmi when you went up plans? Also how many weeks should I go up plans for and which plan should I be on before we go on hols?

I was thinking 810 next week, 1000 for 2 weeks, 1200 for 2 weeks then 1500 for the week before we go - would this be ok? I'm gonna try to stick to 1500 whilst there, I know what the food is like as we've been before so I should easily be able to do it, then when we come back I can always go back down plans if needs be.

Thanks for looking!
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Twinkle..
Well done hon your doing fab.. another 2 lbs off and 4 1/2 inches is great.. wow 19 1/2 inches off is fantastic... You must be thrilled.. and so you should be..
It is important that you get to a weight that you feel comftable with so good idea to change your goal weight BMI to 25 if that is what you are happy with..

With going up the plans, I went up to 810 roughly at BMI 27 or 26 cant quite remember but it was around that I have just got to BMI 25.. I must say although my target is nearing I do want to be lower than my target..

Good plan going up the steps especially if you only have 12 pounds to go that will come off in no time and you still lose when you go up this was my first week of 1000 and lost 2 1/2 pounds.
I think what you have said above sounds perfect... sounds very sensible.. why are you not seeing your cdc for so long..
You can always call her if you have any concerns or worries..
Well done hon your doing fab x


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Aww thanks Marissa, reason for not seeing my cdc for so long, she's gone to Scotland to visit her daughter and family for 3 weeks, she gets back next Friday and I will see her the following Monday, she doesn't have a mobile so I can't just phone her, which is why I'm glad I've got this website!!! She is picking up emails but it could be a couple of days between replies so I haven't bothered!

Thanks again hun, I will defo go up the plans now xx


Cambridge Consultant
Well of course we are all here anyway hon, I love minis..... it is fab...
Good luck with going up the plans hon, its really good and it really makes you appreciate food and its nice to start introducing it back into your diet..
take care x

PS where you going on holiday to.. we have just booked to go away too.. I think its 5 weeks now.... yayyy x


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Off on hols to Bulgaria, there are 7 of us going so it was important for me to lose weight before!

I'm defo looking forward to having more food, not sure how on earth you manage to eat it all tho! I struggle on ss+ sometimes to finish it all!

Thanks again hun xx


One day at a time!
Good loss - great total so far too! Have a great holiday and "see" you when you get back!

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