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Week 6 Weigh In


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I'm a couple of days late posting my week 6 weigh in results, but better late than never lol.
Only lost 1lb this week. Was a bit gutted and was a bit miffed that the lady in the chemist questioned whether I'd been sticking to the diet. Complete Moo!! I've done nothing but stick to this diet religiously since I started it so was a bit offended she'd question me, but whatever. Makes me persevere even more I guess.
I'm trying harder to up my water intake as I'm slowly getting worse and worse at making sure I'm drinking enough which would probably account for the lousy weightloss. Got bored of the soup too. So am back to strawberry and chocolate.

Anyways, fingers crossed for next week. I'm 4lbs off reaching the 2 stone mark but hopefully now I'm in the 14's even if I lose 1lb this week. Clothes are getting looser and looser :D:D:D

Hope everyone has a great Easter x x x
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Well done Abbie

A pound is a pound of butter off the hips but I know what you mean we are all impatient I know I am but you know at this stage you will probably see a good loss next week . Well done for the determination .


I will be skinny again!!!
Make sure you do drink plenty of water..

But well done anyway.. a loss is still a loss and it all adds up in the long run :)


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Just prove her wrong in questioning you hun! good luck this week, i guess the pharmacists see so many people who dont commit 100% well done on your 1lb x


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Thanks ladies!! Chelly, you look absolutely fantastic hun!!
Everyone else is doing great too x x x :D


maintaining since June'09
I feel for you Abbie .... I really threw my dummy out of the pram when my wk5 loss was only around that amount! I know a pound is a pound and all that - and it IS true but still ............

I was asked had I had anything I shouldn't as well and I was paranoid that they didn't believe me when I said I hadn't - especially as it had been Mother's day weekend and I'd cooked a huge dinner for the whole family and sat and had a soup!!!

When I thought about it though - I had definitely drunk a lot less that week. I'd had over the 4 pints but nowhere near as much as I'd been drinking previously .... I upped it to around 3.5-4 litres and lost my 'usual' amount the following week. I had been hoping to 'catch up' too but I guess as it was because I didn't drink enough that was never going to happen. If it had been a water retention 'blip' or something it probably would have been different.

So I suggest you become more vigilant about the water. If you drink caffeinated drinks you need an extra glass of water each time you do with caffeine being a diuretic. I gave them up in week 6 too. I WAS only drinking caff green tea (already have decaf coffee) but I got decaff green and redbush instead.

I didn't mean this to turn into a tale about me but I'm hoping it helps in some small way!

I bet you get that 4lbs this week!! Best of luck! x


You still lost a 1lb which is great IMHO!

I guess the lady in the Chemist was in her own way making sure you were ok on the diet. If you know you're sticking to it 100% then that's all that matters and the weightloss will happen. Drinking enough water is crucial though, so try and make sure you drink enough. :)


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1lb is still a loss.

I've noticed that I have bigger weight losses if I up my water rather than sticking to the minimum.

Try this week and see how you get on.


Here we go again!
At least you lost something! I've also found that if I up my water a little my losses are staying around the 4lb mark each week. Really trying for about 3.5 - 4lts a day now. You're doing great though so just stick to it and I bet you get a great result this week!

mrs bee

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it is hard when u know u have been good and ur loss isn't what u expect but ur doing fab and it'll def show! Water is the key, but also I find green tea seems to make a difference too!!


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
I'm learning that whatever loss I have is a loss to be happy with, I just wasn't happy that I got questioned over whether or not I was sticking to the diet because I have been lol! But never mind, I've been upping my water and hopefully things will be better this week.
Thanks for all your support ladies. :D:D Will be looking at all your results too this week and I'm sure you'll all be doing fantastic!! :D:D xxx
MiniB - is that 3.5-4 litres of water including the shakes? I've got a really tight schedule as want to lose 1.5-2 stone by june! so just wondering as I will do that too if it helps weight loss!xx

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