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Week 6 WI


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Well done Tink!!

Good luck for next week/WI and stay strong!! :D


This is my year
Well done, fantastic!!

Any hints and tips to share? I started Exante a week ago. I have been completely 100%, nothing extra whatsoever. I am a bit sad to have only lost 8 pounds the first weigh in. To lose 51 pounds in 6 weeks is completely amazing!! What's your secret?!!!

Well done again!


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thanks guys :D

hi Darcy, in the six weeks on Exante I have lost 31lbs the other 20lbs was in the month or so before when I cut down in preparation.

You should be over the moon with 8lbs in a week that is fantastic!! My losses on Exante have been:-

Wk1 - 6lbs
Wk2 - 7lbs
Wk3 - 0lbs (yes nothing!! major hissy fit that week but I stuck with it!!)
Wk4 - 9lbs
Wk5 - 5lbs
Wk6 - 4lbs

I have been 100% all the way, only real tip is that the more water I seem to drink the better losses I get even if it is only an extra 1lb or so. I treat myself in other ways now, like getting my nails done or having a facial and of course buying lots of shiny new skinny clothes for when I reach my target!! I have also set lots of mini targets like new stone zones, below 200lbs etc and then treat myself some more when I get there!!

There will be some weeks where the scales may not show the effort you have put in - wk 3 for me perfect example - but stick with it, it works and it works very well!!

Good luck!


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Hi Dawn, yep! I'm really pleased as I haven't found it that difficult - am well and truly "in the zone!".

I drink around 3 - 3.5 litres of fluid a day, sounds a lot but that's not just plain water but includes 1-2 cans of coke zero, a couple of mugs of coffee and I always make my shakes with 500mls of water which also helps. At least 2 litres is plain water though.

Also, I always have a bar for breakfast but I don't have it until I have drank at least 750ml of water (i have those bottled water sports bottles which I refill) and that gets things off to a really good start every day. My first week I wasn't drinking anywhere near that but its easy now and I don't have to try too hard. Also (apols if TMI) my body seems used to it and I don't have to wee as often!!
thats so brilliant -well done!!

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