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Week 6 WI

Hi everyone,

I was not able to attend for my weigh in last week,I had to look after a mother who is elderly down the County,and a friend of mine who started L/T but the diet did not suit her, gave me her left over sachets. So today went for my weigh in as normal to the pharmacy, and explained that I could not attend for my weigh in last week, but I did not break the diet, as I took some sachets from my friend who had given up the diet. I was told that if I did that again that I would be taken off the L/T diet for 3 months! It was obvious to me that the pharmacy was annoyed that I had not bought my sachets from them last week and were trying to intimidate me, so I said no problem I would find another pharmacy who would be glad of my custom. There was a total change of mood, and they apologised and said there would be no problem allowing me to continue with them!! Such hypocracy!! Anyway I lost 8 pounds over the last 2 weeks, which I am delighted about. I cannot change my graph above, have to wait until my computer literate son comes home to alter it for me! I am now in the 10 stone weight, 10 stone 13 to be correct, and I feel really good about that.
You are all an inspiration, and sometimes I just read everyone's threads and not make replies but I feel part of a group of great achievers.It is so obvious that everyone on this website are genuine people, and the information and support I have received from it are invaluable, and that pharmacies are only there to make money!
Take care everyone, you are all SUPER.
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Thats fantastic about your weight loss. Fook the pharmacy, the cheek of them, glad you stood your ground!!


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Good on you for being straight with the pharmacist.

Well done on your 8lb loss. xx


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Well done on the weight loss. Ur in my area. I go to Navan and the next chemist is Slane. Not many chemists in the area do LT. Let them on, i often get bad vibes from some of the staff so now i ask 4 a certain girl who is always lovely. A lot of them are not even trained. Your one was proberly jelious of u this morning ...hehe. Keep it going.


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great loss well done and good on you for standing your ground with the chemist x


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Ooooh nasty people...money grabbers they are, but you told em hun! Well done on the 8lbs thats fab xx


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Good for you kidda :D I get all baity when people try it on... ;)

Great loss too ! x


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I'm in ur area too. Chemists can be strict. But they have to be. I've got some shakes from my friend and only needed 14. Girl accussed me of only doing 2 shakes a day. Like i'd be that stupid. Don't let them bother u. Well done on ur loss.
Great loss hun.

Bl**dy cheeky chemist! You explained the situation so why be soooooooo nasty! I can understand them wanting to make sure you have all 3 a day but this was obviously not the case!

My chemist let me take 2 weeks worth one week coz my WI is on a Monday and there were 2 bank holidays coming up and I was often called into work so it seemed ideal to have spares. Every WI I buy another weeks worth so I always have spares just in case. I'd hate to be caught short!

Thanks everyone for your supportive replies. The girl in the pharmacy only questioned me whether I had come off L/T for the week and had eaten food, and when I told her this was not so that I had borrowed sachets from a friend that she then threatened to take me off L/T for 3 months! She seemed more annoyed that I got sachets from a friend.
Anyway I am a big girl, I can stand up for myself!
Thanks everyone for your support.


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Good on you for keeping it up - without the weigh in it can be tough to keep going through a second week.

Probably ok to give the old chemist another chance but if they keep up the antsy behaviour, I'd change, it costs enough and I certainly know that when I did Lipo first time around and it was so successful, my chemist got a massive amount of business out of that so if they don't want to share your success and be supportive with it - there are lots of other chemists out there who will. I use one in Newbridge, it's a small chemist and they are absolutely fantastic - the chemist himself - well put it this way, it's like going to the confessional facing up to him each week - every member of the staff are so nice and helpful and make a big deal of you coming in each week - he often texts also to see how I'm getting on.

Keep up the hard/good work though
well done on your losses and standing your ground good effort xx

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