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Week 7 weigh in...


This is the last time!!
and I've put on 1lb. But I'm ok with it as I went away for a week back to the UK. I managed 2 and a half days of 100% before I 'gave in' and had a few sensible meals. I was actually expecting a bigger gain, so when the scales said 1lb I was more than happy.

Anyways, had a fab time in the UK, met father in law for the first time (hubby and him haven't spoken for 16 odd years!), loved the shopping, got some great bargains including a gorgeous new bag for me (belated mother's day gift). No new clothes as I am determined to wait until I fit in to the masses of stuff I already own.

I'm really glad to be home and am determined to go back to my 100% plan. Hubby stayed in the UK as he is on a course until the end of May, I would love to have lost another stone and a half by the time he comes home.
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hoping for a good loss
Glad it was only a small gain, that will come off so easily.

Bet you can lose 1 1/2 stone by your hubby's return.

All the best, Charlie x


minimims stalker
you will get that 1 lb off in a few days :) glad you enjoyed yourself that is what matters aswell


This is the last time!!
Thanks for your replies, it always means a lot when people take the time to reply.
Ideally it would have been a loss this week and a continuation of my previous excellent 100% dedication, however, I made the decision to allow myself some food and I am happy enough to deal with the consequences. I have to say that doing the diet is a heck of a lot easier living here in Germany - there may be bakeries on every corner here but I can cope with that, but there was soooooooooooo much tempting me in the UK, not only in restaurants etc but also the vast choices available in the supermarkets. I did really enjoy my crispy salad with chicken in Nando's - mmm mmmmmmmmmmm, I am a Nando's convert for sure.

Anyways, today is going really well, 2 shakes down and plenty of water, slight hunger pangs at the mo but nothing I can't deal with. I guess it helps that I didn't eat much at all yesterday due to the terrible journey home!


minimims stalker
lol yum nandos! at least you were prepared for a gain that makes it slightly easier i think.glad today is going well :)

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