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Week 8 Weigh in in 1 hour



My husband = My hero
Good luck hunni

Thinking thin for u xxxx
Thank you. Blasted CDC has just texted me to say she can't make my appointment because she has to go out but will be back at 1030 - only trouble is I have a meeting from 10. Have no food left and I'm really hungry/headachey and now in a foul mood as well. This is week 8 and so far she has been away for 2 weeks and rescheduled (at last minute) 3 others. Its beginning to drive me mad


My husband = My hero
Oooh ey.... She should leave you a days diet outside her house so u can eat at least!!

That's awful! What are you supposed to do now?!?



My husband = My hero
Where do you live hun?? Iv got spare diet if your close enough to drop it off....

Your prob in the Scottish highlands mind lol

What to do - sit here and cry! its crazy what silly things tip you over. Thanks girls. I'll hang on til she's back, just an hour or so to wait...on the plus side i might weigh a bit lighter by then!
It's not silly to feel that way. If this isn't the first time she's done this to you then you will have to make sure she understands that she can't keep changing your appointments at the last minute. I find it very annoying that she must think you have nothing else to do but to wait for her! How very frustrating!!

Good luck for when you do eventually weigh!!


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i hope that you get it sorted, maybe have a word with her and make sure she gives you more notice...
if your not feeling happy with your cdc then i would maybe suggest finding another more reliable one...
its up to you though and im not at all telling you what to do...
thats awful ! she should give you more notice than that !!


Slowly but surely x
omg, she has your food...that is not good. get rid of her, get a nice new one xx
well she's back in my good books now! Only because her scales showed a lovely -7lbs! So excited - that makes 3 1/2 stone in 8 weeks
Wooooooow!! Amazing loss, what's your secret

But I'd consider a new CDC if she keeps letting you down so often. It's her job n she doesn't sound very professional. I know sometimes things pop up that can't be helped but not that many times x
I am totally over the moon Lynne. No secret Chele - just 100% - not even a lick of the kids food when it gets all over my hands. This week I have had 1/4 bar in the evenings on top of my 3 shakes (i am right on the dividing line height wise between needing 3 or 4 shakes) and that extra 1/4 bar seems to have speeded the loss up a bit ;-).

My CDC is a really nice lady and very positive, but I have to say I have found out more on here than from her. She hinted today that as I am so well in the zone I really don't need to come every week and could go to fortnightly if I wanted (i've already had 2 fortnightly weighins as she wasn't around) but I told her I prefer weekly - helps me keep a focus, and although I weigh myself at home (too often) I don't count it officially until her scales say so.
fab fab fab you are a star and proof that stick to SS 100% it really works xxxx keep going xxxx
That's brilliant! Well done you!

As for your CDC it sound a bit like she wants her CDC role to be as convenient for her as possible. You are paying her for her services so may be worth setting some boundaries with her (I'm all about the boundaries at the moment :p)

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