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Discover Week 8 Weigh-In =/

Hey everyone,

So I STS today. I sort of half expected it and there's a couple of reasons for it. I ate really really late last night, and it was a massive dinner - although I've been told this probably shouldn't have made a difference. I normally try to eat a light meal and early-ish (7pm) night before weigh in - additionally the toilet hasn't seen much use in the past 4 days so that might have had an effect. Secondly, I've eaten so much crap this week, and drunk a lot more than I normally do. Although I pointed everything I had to use the few exercise points I made for myself to come in just on the nose of my weekly total of points. However, I'm fairly sure I point-cheated a bit on things like the fried chicken after the night out Saturday (bad Tuppers..).

Anyway - onwards and downwards! Will hope for a 2lb loss next week :). Gonna try really hard this week to maximize my points on healthy stuff and come under a couple of points a day for that inevitable weekend.

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From what you have said, it doesnt sound like a sts is too bad! Must admit i tend to have sts if i use up all my points so maybe try not to use all your weeklies this week and see if that helps.
I'm on the Discover plan so we don't really have 'weeklies' but I know what you mean - I don't normally use my full 20 points every day, and tend to come up short by the end of the week. But last week I used every single one :)

Already found some ways of reducing - rather than crumpets for breakfast, I had porridge, which kept me fuller for longer and cost me less points.

Thanks for the reply!

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