Week 8 Weigh in.


Well it was my weigh in tonight and i'd lost 5lbs!!!!!!! I was soooo pleased and that takes my total to 2 stone and 9lbs in 8 weeks. I am so chuffed and relieved that this diet is working so well.
I must say though, that this week has been really tough leading up to Christmas, but you guys on this site and the threads people post are really inspiring and keep me strong, no matter what! So i'm going to keep on slogging away till Saturday when i'm taking a 4 day break for xmas!
That's a great loss since it's not your first week.

Well done!
Well done on your great loss this week.

Has it really been 8 weeks since you started....... Feels like only yesterday when you made your first post here.

Way to go!!!

Jazzy x
FANTASTIC!! 5lbs!! excellent!!! You're doing so well! It is getting harder but just think, in 2007 we will be at goal!! (admittedly some a lot sooner than others.. lol.. but hey.. I will celebrate yours and then you can celebrate mine! lol)

Well done! You must feel so different and so chuffed too! xx
brilliant juju!

Fabulous, congrats.
Thanks folks .... finding today very difficult. At my parent's house and surrounded by food! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!