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Week 8 WI: 3 stone GONE!


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Ooo and my BMI is 38 now! Yayyy!
Hi hun,
Well done you!! I hit the 3st yesterday too, lets all celebrate! With a shake of course! :talk017: Doesn't it feel great. Especially as you had a bit of indulgence..hee.hee... Just imagine what you can get this week if you do 100%. I'm giving it a go, (after a bit of naughtiness last night) care to join me? xx


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Thank you guys! Butterfly I am up for that! I have another BBQ to throw this weekend for family (it is never ending this socialising lark! I am throwing a tea-party for some pensioners next weekend too!)

I am NOT GOING TO EAT! I really want to get into the 17s. I feel like I've been in the 18s for AGES!
My god girl, do you ever stop throwing 'do's, i can't be dealing with all the hassle and mess, so only do it now and then. You must be very organised. I do find it easier to resist anything at other peoples houses rather than if i'm hosting something, it all that time preparing loads of lovely food, makes it so much easier to end up picking. On my 3rd pint of water today, no shake yet. Do find if i glug loads i get to feeling quite full and that helps. I've not got WI next week as on hols, so aiming for 100% through that week too, i'm sure it can be done. I even chant to myself, 'i will not eat that.....(whatever it is)..' as i dispose of it/ put it away out of harms way. Luckily only DD in house to see me acting like a loon! xx
Fab losses Guru and achievieng this with partys etc , you truly deserve the congratulations that you receive, and all that weight gone in that short time. I surely think you will be well into the 17's next week


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My god girl, do you ever stop throwing 'do's,

I know, it has been never ending the last couple of months and I have another on Saturday then a tea party the following weekend. Then that's IT until Christmas thank God!

Thank you all, I am dancing around all chuffed. Another couple of stone and I will really begin to see a difference. I feel like I need to get to 16st 13lbs, which is where I got to on LL in 2005, and then I can count it as proper weight loss. Which is a bit ridiculous really!.
Well done Guru - that's a massive loss and so quick too - you must be thrilled!


looking to make a change!
WELL DONE! your such an inspiration xx
A massive well done to all of you on your huge weight losses,reading this has given me a little boost as am feelin a bit down with it all today so thankyou all for sharing your successes so far.

Natalie xx

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