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Week 8 WI


Otherwise known as Jools
well done hun. know it wasnt the amount u wanted but its still 2lbs closer to targer & great been as u had food. im jealous, i want some food.


Otherwise known as Jools
Thanks guys - I guess its a lesson to be learnt - I may have lost more if I had not eaten and its not an experiment I want to try again anytime soon. I'm glad that I still lost - it would have been a complete nightmare if I had put on !! That would have driven me straight to sweet shop I think !!.

No Jenny, dont do it - you have had great losses so far and its a real incentive to carry them on as long as you can :D
Well done -lesson learned and a self inflicted a55 whooping. Even without eating 2lbs is a great loss so really well done. Although, like you say, might have been bigger if...;) ;)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
you know ive gota do it too ..... :whoopass:
Ok you lost 2lbs, great loss even though you ate but dont get in the mindset that you ate and still lost cuz it will be a slippery slope :) xx
hey hun-

2lbs= 4 blocks of lard!!! Well done!!



Positivity is the key
Hi Jools, congrats on your weight loss and bigger congrats on coming on here and confessing to eating, well done for that.
You obviously turned it around, keep it up.
Same feeling

I know what a let down it is to only loose 2 lbs but it is a loss
I only lost 3 lbs last week and thought great I will have a big loss next week and it was only 3 1/2 lbs
Still it is a guaranteed weight loss each week
Well done on your loss - no more picking and you might lose more next sweek :)

But still, 2lb is excellent and *not* an amount to be disappointed by...


Otherwise known as Jools
Thanks all - specially you Summergurl - I really needed that ;)

I'm glad I lost but I am not thinking that I would be able to get away with this every week. The best thing is to move onwards and upwards. A loss is a loss but it could have been more - my LT journey has been extended slightly because of this.

Back on track now and hoping for a nice big loss next week :D

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