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WEEK 8 WI....

Hellooo everyone :flowers:

Wow its feels like AGES since i last posted :(

I just started my new job and its soo hectic at the mo, i have missed being on here!

Im soo tired that i keep logging onto minimins to write this and then fall asleep, so heres to my 3rd attempt at staying awake long enough to post this up!

I had my 8th week WI last friday and i lost 5lbs :woohoo:

I am soo delighted because my last 2 weeks were not great and i had an awful experience with a moody moo at the chemist who was rude :rolleyes:

ANYWAYS..... i reduced the amount of water i drank last week to 2-3ltrs (including teas/coffee) based on some good advice from this forum :thankyou: and it bloomin worked!!! :D

GOOD NEWS: Im getting asked out by alot of new guys :D

BAD NEWS: They have ALL been under 19 :eek: :cry:

I dont look THAT young do i?? :confused: :rolleyes:

How is everyone?? :cool:


Lei xxx

yay i can still open my eyes....kinda
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Hey great results on your weigh in well done !


Staff member
Hi leinaya,

5lb is a fantastic weight loss, especially for week eight!:happy096:

Looking younger is a side effect of losing weight!:D Enjoy!

Well done!

Love Mini xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol Leinya!! Well done on you loss!! and whoop whoop with the getting asked out :D

Hmm from your photo Id sayyou were 21...

How old are you? xxx


Here we go again!
Well done on the loss, that's a great one!

Lucky you being asked out lots more and hope the job is going well.


Silver Member
Wow! Brilliant loss.
Great result for week 8, well done you......and having men fall at your feet is an added bonus I bet...lucky you!!!!!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
fantastic result - well done :D


Positivity is the key
Congrats on the weight loss, you did very well esp with a new job and all. Enjoy the attention, it's nice to be noticed. Best of luck with the coming week, hope your work calms down.
And once again im awake long enough to post!!! :D

Yorkshire Adam - Thank you, and wow you have done soo well with LT! How are things back on tfr after refeeding?? I wish you all the best with the last part of tfr :)

Mini - Thank you hun :) i already looked quite young for my age before LT :eek: so i hope that i dont look too young when i finnish. I will have to take my ID out with me again to tesco when i buy booze :sigh: haha!

ChellyWellyBoot - Hiya hun :) Thank you, it kinda feels strange when guys have approached me (or should i say young lads bless their cotton socks!) I always take it as a compliment tho and then tell them my age - I am 27 :eek: where have all the decent single blokes near my age gone?? My friend just suggested speed-dating hmmm....:giggle:

MiniB - Hey hun :) Thank you, yes the jobs going well so far and im getting to know some lovely people. If i get asked out by another flippin young lad im gonna start wearing a badge with my age on it in!!! :cool:

Oops - Thank you and helooooo :flirt2:

Aoife - Thank you hun :) I never thought that being a looser would feel soo good :D

Rubyred - Thank you :) i bloomin WISH that men would fall at my feet, but alas the guys were waaaay too young (teenagers :eek:)

summergurl - Thank you hun :) Congrats on your great weight loss :winner: wow you must be soo proud of yourself :happy096:

Doirin - Hiya :) Thank you hun, I cant wait for work to settle down into a regular routine. It feels pretty nice to be noticed lets hope that the next person will be the right age for me to actually accept a date from (fingers crossed!!!) :giggle: haha!

:bestwishes: and I hope everyone is doing good and is well!

Lei xxxx


maintaining since June'09
Wow well done on your fab loss!!

Don't forget you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Make a few of those frogs who've asked you out happy and go out and have some fun!! You can make it quite clear that's all you're up for .... ;) x


A little of everything!
LOL! Whats wrong with having a toy-boy?? My hubby's six years younger than me!
Way to go!! WHo-hoo!!!
Great weight loss :)

And it must be nice to be asked out! (i'm still waiting for that bit of LT magic...)
There are positives to going out with a younger man anyway, it's worth dating out of your comfort zone every now and again - if you don't try it you don't know what you might be missing.

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