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Week one : fed up already : WI related

Ok, never dieted in my life before, but have religiously weighed all my food, tracked my calories and not eaten absolutely all my exercise calories (but I have eaten some of them).

WI this morning - and I've put on half a pound :cry::confused:

On the plus side, my waist seems to be an inch and a half smaller than it was. Which I suppose is the main thing, as I want to be smaller, that's the whole point.

But still :sigh:

I have no idea why - I am certainly eating less than before I started this - it wasn't uncommon for me to eat a couple of bags of crisps, and half a family sized bar of chocolate in a day (I didn't do this every day, mind :eek:), on top of normal meals. I tend to cook from scratch, so I know what's in what I eat.

Oh, well, maybe next week ...
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Have you been working out a lot? It may be just your body adapting and I would be overjoyed at the inch loss

Well done xx

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Yeah, I suppose I am pleased at the inch loss (but it seems really weird, to put on weight - even half a pound - and to have a pretty big inch loss :sigh:) - but still ....

Due to injury, I'm not able to work out really intensively at the moment (which is why I put the weight on in the first place). I have done some exercise, no more than normal (at the moment) for me. My Zumba DVDs will arrive soon, though.

I'm trying to think positive - I've got smaller (well, waist has, hips, thighs, bust, arms are all still the same!).
Mmm it does seem a bit odd? If this is your first time trying to diet its very easy to make a small but significant mistake? Have you checked your calorie limit is correct for your height/weight?

There's lots of reasons you can gain unexpectedly. Water retention, TOTM, sore muscles (store water!!) to name but a few!! Usually the best thing to do is check where in your months cycle your at, check your not having too much salt an processed sugar and check your scales!! Sounds silly but using different scales or weighing at different times of the day can have really big differences!!!

Hopefully it's just a small blip and you'll be on track again soon!!

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I only have one set of scales - but I can weigh myself in town on Monday (I think Boots have scales).

I worked out my BMR online, and then took off 500 calories so I had a deficit. It's not TOTM as I am mid-cycle (sorry, TMI) and no junk food or anything this week.

My body's in shock, that's what it is!


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Wrinkly beat me to it :) Re mfp.

Stick with it I'm sure you'll soon see changes for the better :)
Hi, have you joined myfitnesspal.com? they will advise you on calories & you can track your intake etc. there too.
Don't lose heart. :)
I am using Food Focus (was already registered with them) which does the tracking/working out how many calories. I also used the sticky thread here to work it out -both Food Focus and me working it out came out the same :D


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Hi I know it easy to say but do not lose heart try and think positive and see what happens this week good luck you have not a lot to lose so it may just come off slowly x
Well, it was WI this morning and ........ I lost 2 and a quarter pounds! And another half inch off my waist, hips and thighs :D Feeling a bit more positive now!

I've been using my Zumba DVDs, I wonder if that has helped?

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