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Week one finished: How it went

So, being sick of being a 'meaty' guy, I went to my pharmacist last week and started on Lipotrim.

I weighed 14st 11lb, and had a bmi of 29.7.

She said, before weighing me of course, that she didn't think I needed to lose any weight. Fortunately I carry the weight pretty well and come across more as a bit stocky rather than 'fat'.
Anyway, she agreed to let me on, but she wants me to stop when I get to a bmi of 25 (12st 8lb). I'm not going to stop there, but I'll talk about that another time :p


The shakes: The vanilla is the most foul tasting thing that's ever passed my lips. I was having to hold my nose in an effort to hide the taste, and stop myself gagging.
The strawberry tastes quite bad, but is far better than the strawberry.
I don't drink tea or coffee, so mixing wasn't an option for me.

The first time I tried a shake, I simply mixed it by stirring it with a spoon. BAD idea...it was like school gravy. So, I stopped being such a cheap bugger and bought a hand-blender. Blending it + a
little extra water makes it FAR more palatable.

Side Effects:

Fortunately no bad breath, and the hunger of the first few days wasn't too bad at all, but the headaches were pretty intense. By the third day I felt really ill. No energy, migraine, and was a lot of effort getting out of bed. Luckily things turned around the next day, and have been getting better since.
No constipation either.

I can't say I've noticed clothes getting any looser just yet, and I can't really see a physical difference, but my belly feels a little less...well...stretched. I just feel more comfortable.

I had my first weigh-in today, and I've lost 10 pounds. Very happy with that.
So now I'm 14st 1lb, bmi of 28.3 (although she told me 27.8).

I'm looking forward to getting back to eating again, but I'm not having any problems with temptation and my willpower hasn't been tested at all.

I hope it continues to go so smoothly :)
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Yesturday was also my 1st wk completed and lost Hlf a stone. But wow you have lost a nice amount in your first and look forward to losing more in the coming weeks. :D
hello there!
10 pounds is a good weight loss, i hope u keep losing the same amount each week. i'm on my 6th day, and i've lost 5.1 kg so far, so i'm hoping to hit the 1 stone mark very soon. first weigh in is on thursday, but unlike u, ilove the shakes, both vanilla and strawberry, obvioulsy i started mixing them in a blender from day 1. because of my experience with slim fast[which never worked btw!]
problem is i feel very depressed and hungry all the time. hope it gets easier.[sorry to rant on!]
nice review, cheers, and well done on the loss... your day 3 glitch was your body finally running out of sugar and you swicthing into Ketosis fat burning mode, thats why you felt better the next day... good first week loss, stick at it mate and best of luck!


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Just a quick question

Why is my tummy still rumbling (day 9) and is this to be expected?

Also have any of experienced this feeling

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Well done on the weight loss Dowd.
I guess the only explanation I can think of with regards to the tummy rumbles is that your tummy is still shrinking and is still getting used to not having as much food and you have that hungry feeling.
Try drinking water because even when you're normally eating food, it's advised to do that too because you might be thirsty instead of actually hungry if that makes sense?



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hi well done dowd i quite enjoy the shakes but i have tasted better but i thought theyd be worse than they actually were ive lost 3kgs day 5, and have got a dry furry mouth now lol
Well done Dowd, great result!

I am coming up to the end of my second week now and I cant believe how much easier it has been! Looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow and hoping to have lost 6/7Ibs.

The shakes seem to be getting a bit better and yesterday I picked up a great tip from here on how to make the vanilla taste lovely. Just add a spoon of coffee to the mixture and you have caffe latte flavour!


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hi i love the vanilla on its own not too keen on the strawberry, the chocs nice hot and the chicken wasnt as bad as i expected but them bars are awful does anyone actually eat them. lol
I tried the bars at the beginning of this week! thinking they were going to be ok i asked for 7 so i could have 1 everyday. By the second day i was on my way back to the pharmacy to swap them all for shakes. They were foul!!

Quite enjoyed the soup in the first week but again in the scond week something changed and i had to swap them too. Now im sticking to the shakes.


I will never give up
yeah the soup is ok for now but not sure how long i will stick to it i think il stick to the shakes too in the long run.
Well done on your loss so far!!! You won't lose that amount every week, but it seems like men do have a faster metabolism and tend to lose more than women! arrrrgggghhh lol
The headaches may be caused by not enough water being drank. You must drink between 2-4 litres a day!
I find putting a few crushed sweetners in my shakes helps. Also adding a teasp of coffee to vanilla - tastes much better.
Good luck with your next weigh in. :)
Emma x

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