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Week One - - -I really want to eat!!!


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Hi all, I joined minimins as you all are great giving loads of info and I thought I could do this on my own but I'm really struggling....

I started on Monday and scales looks as though its down, my WII Fit trainer is "concerned" i've lost 3kg so far this week... that's not bad but not sure I can manage this long term???

Any hints or tips would be gratefully accepted, I can only stomach the choc shakes.

Thanks Fi:wave_cry:
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Congrats on starting and making it to day five. The first week is always a long one but try not to look too far ahead. Take it one step at a time and think only as far as your first weigh in next Monday .

When ketosis kicks in (Usually day 4/5) you will find you wont be hungry most days (Might have an odd craving day around TOTM )and make sure you are drinking the water . Another V.important tip is keep buzy. Start today and organise some activities for the weekend .... Itll be worth it in the end. :D

Also Just think how important it is for you to loose weight . If you see /smell/ a food youd love ask yourself this question. Which do i want more ? to eat that food(gone in 2 mins or less probably) or be slim and healthy and fit in all those lovely new clothes (That you will just have to buy !!!!!!!!)


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Hiya welcome to LT!

You can do it!!!

After your first week it gets soooo much easier!!!

Black coffee helped me through my journey!! xx


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dont give up honestly first week is sooo hard but its well worth it. take exercise easy for a few weeks until you are into the swing of things, and yes find things to do and keep occupied.


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You can stick to this! You've said you've lost 3kg already, although it really isn't advisable to be weighing yourself home...you're heading in the best direction possible. The weight is coming off, rather than going on. What more reason do you need to keep going and not eat anything other than the shakes? :) xx


I *will* be skinny again!
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Welcome to the boards! You'll find all the support you need here so no more struggling on your own!!

Once you hit ketosis and get into the routine of having shakes 3 times a day you'll barely even remember that you're not eating! Good luck :D


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hi i on week 2 and as every1 says week 1 is hardest my friends called last night got a delivery from chippers ate burgers fish chips salt vineger and i sat there with a cup of coffee had a great laugh and smell nor food bothered me honestly it will get easier, just wait till your first weigh in and u will c how worth it it is :) best of luck :)

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