Week one weigh in results

Hi all, Went for the first weigh in today, Hubby lost 19lbs:eek: he's gone from 26stone to 24st 9 - unbelieveable:) :) . Hes not as happy as i am for him as he is looking at it as a job that has to be done for health reasons. Me on the other hand only lost 6lbs - I was gutted, i haven't cheated at all, even did a bit of exercise. Felt like eating a Sunday lunch - all that starving for not a lot of weight. My trousers have become baggy round my bum as well so I thought I had lost a lot:confused: .

Never mind will have to keep going so as to keep hubby motivated. My counsellor thinks it is the exercise and not enough water. I started out well drinking over 4 litres the first couple of days but have been struggling to drink 2litres towards the end of the week.:(
Hi Guys

I am so pleased for both of you. What fantastic results, really 6lbs is great too and as you say your trousers feel baggy and you thought you had lost more, you probably have! Next week all going well you will have another good loss probably better than you anticipate. It is hard not to only be motivated by the scales but this is dangerous as you can also be demotivating. I realise that your biggest motivation is to improve hubby's health but soon you will be looking a feeling fab too what a great side effect.

Keep up the good work, really pleased for you.

Dizzy x
Hi CJ and well done on your loss. 6lbs is a brilliant start! :D I hope I do as well on Weds. Keep up the good work. Men nearly always lose faster than women so try not to compare your losses with hubbys?
When I see couples, I see them separately otherwise it can be difficult for the wife not to be 'overshadowed'. Your journey and his are separate - your loss is fantastic FOR YOU - and you can be happy knowing that your partner did well too.

Just think how gorgeous the pair of you are gonna look when you both get to goal! :D
6lb is a fantastic loss, well done, dont compare yourself to your hubby men lose weight differently from women, im sure someone will be along to tell youwhy, good luck
:D WOW, 6lbs! :eek: I'll be well chuffed tomorrow if I do as well as you !:D

Yes, hubby lost more, but that's his journey - yours is yours :D and you have done superbly!

As for missing chewing, I've been chewing on Extra gum... not all the time, maybe 3 bits a day... I'll find out tomorrow if it's had a negative impact :rolleyes: but I don't think so.. :D PLUS... if your trousers feel looser then you are probably losing inches already!

Just imagine... we'll all be lined up singing "baggy trousers" by Madness in a few weeks time!! LOL

:) You're doing fab Cheriton!:) So too is hubby... what a pair! So happy you have each other to support one another too :D
Well done Cheriton - ur doin great girl ;)

and well done to hubby too......
6lb is a fantastic first week loss :eek:
I only lost 2lb in week one!
Your both doing great! well done! :D