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Week one Weigh-In

Well week one has been done. And so far I have lost 7.5lbs :D and my other half has lost 12lbs :eek:. Great start so far :D. Roll on week 2!!!!!!!

The only problem i have is that i dont like the tomato and basil soups.:cry:Does anyone have any suggestions of how to make it nicer?????

Also i was wondering that when we get to week 5 we will be adding a meal. Will this take us out of Ketosis???? can someone please help??

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Well done for first week!! Amazing loss!! :)
I added some more herbs to the tomato basil soup or maybe you can try and add some off low salt bouillon.
I dont think it will take you out of ketosis as long as you add protein meals, for example chicken with vegetables. You won't be losing as much weight as in the total solution, but if you don't eat carbs it shouldn't be a problem i think ;)
Some more suggestions please, girls ;)



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Well done on your losses! Shrinking couple!!

AAM on W8 (onother VLCD) is as follows:

The correct way to use the following to make up ONE meal per day everyday for 1 week. It is NOT a list of items you can eat throughout the day.

3oz of the following:
skinless chicken breast (= not even a full one)
Lean ham, pork or Bacon - all visable fat removed!!
Plain Cottage cheese (low fat)
oily fish salmon/mackerel/sardines
lean mince (chicken, turkey or pork only)
1 medium egg - boiled or poached (not fried)
white fish/cod/shellfish/prawns/tuna(fresh/tinned in brine or water)

Unimited (at that meal)

Broccoli, chicory, bamboo shoots, lettuce, spinich, asparagus, courgettes, fresh garlic, Balsamic Vinegar, alfalfa sprouts, rasishes, cauliflower, watercress, celery, fennel, marrow, herbs, tabasco, peppers, cucumber, leeks, rocket, cabbage, pakchoi, mushrooms, spices, salt and pepper.

Stay away from tomatoes and onions - high carb!!

I use a 1/2 pack to make sauce - e.g. thai to make a stirfry and serve it with mashed cauliflower

By sticking to the above you will remain in ketosis and it shouldn't affect your weightloss too much!

Good luck!
Thanks :) im going to try that one tomorrow and will let you know. is anyone else struggling today????? we certainly are!!!

Also does anyone know roughly once we have done TS and WS how long is it until we should eat 3 meals?????



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S: 13st9lb G: 10st10lb
You gradually drop a pack a day and add a meal.
Pack for breakfast
Handful of nuts for mid-morning snack
Pack for lunch
Satsuma or small piece of cheese for kid afternoon snack
Low GI evening meal

Porridge or similar low GI b/fast
Mid morning snack ie an apple
Pack for lunch
Afternoon snack - nuts
Low GI meal

And so on........

It is important not just to come off and go back to your old ways (which I eventually did). You need to gradually increase your food intake and therefore your metabolism! You eventually get a balance where you maintain - don't panic if you gain a few pounds, your body takes time to find that balance!

I think this is the worst thing about Exante .... They give no clear guidelines for AAM and maintainence which is the hardest part of the diet!

Good luck!!

low GI is the best way to go. Ideally 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. If I can find my stuff from W8 I'll post it here
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Well done. Great weight losses. :)

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