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Week one weigh in

Goya post it here ... Week 1 weigh in:

I am DOWN 10 lbs!!!! Yippy .... Chuffed! Hello the 14 stone's I won't be stopping for long though! ;-)

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Hi Becca,

This forum is the best thing ever ... Really when you are feeling low or unsure there will be someone here!

congrats on deciding to start.

Just drink all your water, spread out through the day. I have found my saving grace has been the black coffee (if you like it) with a sweetener to kill any tummy rumbles! And it's good too socially people/colleges seem to be ok with "oh I'll just have a black coffee"!

I have watched my OH have every takeaway imaginable, sat in my work canteen as everyone ate, and tonight I'm going to a friend BBQ ... But I don't care I feel strong .. It really works!

Oh and if in doubt an you are really struggling in the evenings, I have taken myself off 2 bed to watch a movie! Out of sight out if mind!

Really good luck .. And keep us posted!

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Oh forgot to say if you like coffee ... The vanilla shake with some coffee is a lovely change!

Tonight I am going to try the choc shake and made it into a moose mousse with cold peppermint tea .. I'll let you know how it tastes!

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Aww thank u for the advise !

Everyone seems really great and supportive so I'm feeling positive!

Ps WELL DONE on ur weight loss !

What days do u weigh ? I'll hav to join you on the days so we can all keep going together !
Well I am on a Saturday weight in ... So defo add your loss (cause there defo be a loss if your 100%) to the threads I love reading how everyone else is getting on!

I lurked just reading posts till day 4, then started posting, it's great ... I'm a little obsessed but it's a great distraction!

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I shall join you on Saturday's too then hehe.

Cnt wait to see results. Ive been losing weight slowly wit going to the gym and swimming. But I totally suck at food control lol. I would eat one large meal late coz of wrk and things so im hoping this will help break bad habits as well as lose the points.

Would u recommend at time to take the shakes ? Like not after 8pm or does it not really matter ?

I don't like coffee but I like sugar free squash, could I hav that wit water or is it a bad idea ?
Hi hi.. Sorry was out all day!

Squash is out ... Not allowed just plain still or sparkling water!

Hey I'd you've already started losing that super!

Em I take my shakes 6am, 12/1pm and 7/8 pm seems to work out fine that way no real hunger pangs!

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Hey Becca, Becky.Boo
I am also thrilled that you have decided to join us. This week will be a bit of a roller coaster for you but stick with it as it works. Becky and I have kind of Buddied up for our Saturday weigh in, so it will be great to make new friends along the way, as we are still new at this too!
I am on day 8 now and every day is a challenge but you just have to keep on. Your first weigh in will spur you on!!!

I have my shakes at 10am, 2pm and between 6.30-7.30. Last night it was 8pm because I did not have my soup until 4pm as I was doing hair and makeup for a wedding for four hours!

Welcome and if there is anything that you need, you know where to look!
Thanks Emma ... That's my focus ... Don't want to be ashamed of myself in the photos!

Plus it's in Spain, we were there 2weeks ago to sort plans ... And being big was horrible ... My inner thighs were rubbing and I felt so self conscious in the pool!

Went dress shopping for the 1st time yesterday, I had been putting it off cause I felt too big! So I know now what dress I am getting off the Internet (as it's cheaper) tried on a very similar one and my mam was delight thought it was perfect! Yay getting excited!!!

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I cnt wait till until Saturday to weigh.
Excited !!!

I hav been good but I am missing my squash lol.

I've found yesterday and today pretty easy coz I been in wrk. It's the night times that r my weakness and I get the munchies lol.

Ps good luck wit the wedding !! :)


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Well done that's great! It is getting slightly easier now in the second week but I believe it's not until week three that your body really gets used to it. Once you have your first weigh in though it does seem worth it and motivates you to continue.
Well done Becca! Great loss! :)

Had 2nd week weigh in and lost 7lbs ..that's 17lbs in 2 weeks! Sooooo happy yay!

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