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Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by MissGiggle, 17 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. MissGiggle

    MissGiggle Member

    So I thought a lot about how I was going to go about losing the weight, and decided calorie counting was the best option as it's a much easier lifestyle change to maintain, as it means that I can still enjoy a naughty treat without it being "cheating" on the diet. That means it fits with my very social lifestyle easily, and actually doesn't require making a massive change which means it is something I can maintain.

    I aim to eat a net calorie intake of between 1200 - 1700 per day. I'm using myFitnessPal to help. This week I had one day that was over the calorie goal, and one day that was significantly under the goal (not intentional) and the remaining days I successfully managed it.

    I started walking daily, going for specifically long walks, or going to a super market further away and not taking the car etc. I'm using Striiv for the iPhone which is a pedometer which estimates the calories burned - very very useful.

    For my first week I have lost 0.8kg, which is 1.76lbs. I am happy with this as my target is at least 1lb per week.

    I have managed to lose this weight despite having pizza, cocktails, cider, cake, and chocolate!!! That's because I have the bad things in much lower quantities, and I don't ignore them now and say its ok I'll start again tomorrow. I put them in the calorie counter, and then aim to walk off the extra calories. The rest of my meals consisted of soup, vegetables and salads with some noodles/cous cous so generally its been very healthy.

    I am very happy with this first week, and I can't wait to actually see results!
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  3. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Well-Known Member

    Subscribing :)

    I'm calorie counting too. Good luck and nice loss this week x
  4. MissGiggle

    MissGiggle Member

    Aw thank you :) I think calorie counting is the simplest way, or at least it is for me personally, obviously everyone is different. Good luck on your goal also! x

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