Week Three - Now i want to stop

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  1. getslimbydec

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    i have been so good on SS not cheated once, and on week three i have lost only one pound, i could eat food and lose more weight i dont understand what i am doing wrong, everyone on here kept saying that on week three i would lose more as i was a little demotivated in week two, and i am turning done nights out with friends and im not seeing the reward. Cant see why im going to keep on in, no one has even noticed that i have lost any weight and to be fair neither have i, i spoke to my CDC and she said that i need to drink more water which i have and i still cant lose alot of weight like i did in week one.
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  3. GaynorEm

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    18lbs in three weeks is a fabulous loss -if I was you hon give it another week...a big loss usually follows a small loss as your body continually adjusts to the diet. And the good thing about the diet is you rarely feel hungry and have the control to avoid binging.
    Stick at it...one more week and you will probably have a grin from ear to ear...no matter what diet we follow...weight loss is always a roller coaster ride.
    Let the good weeks allow you to feel fabulous and the not so good weeks make you even more determined.
    Good luck x x x You can do it. x
  4. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I dont blame you being disappointed with 1 lb on this diet, but if you are sticking to it, you have to be losing fat and that it will turn around for you soon. Dont give up now, stick at it this week and if you are still disappointed next week look at it again

    Fingers crossed for a good week 4 loss xxx
  5. cee-cee

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    Lipotrim, moved to CD
    Snap! I'm feeling exactly the same.:(

    To be fair though, you are never going to lose 14lb in a week ever again. Probably with such a massive loss in the first week, your expectations were set too high, if you had lost 8lb, then 5lb, then 5lb, you would have been delighted! I would stick it out for another week though, and see how it goes. Good luck :)
  6. bluemoon

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    Don't give up, you've done so well up until now. 18lbs in 3 weeks is amazing and remember just because the scales arn't showing a loss the tape measure will xx
  7. amethyst

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    awe hun i can imagine how you feel... but like the ot hers have said 18 pounds in 3 weeks? come on no other diet will give you that weight loss in 3 weeks!!

    Please measure yourself every 4 weeks, stick with it for atleast another week.. please give yourself this !!

    how much more have you got to go?

    and how much water are you drinking?

    you wil do it next week i am sure :) and please measure yourself..
  8. misscharlie

    misscharlie Full Member

    I bet you have lost inches this week. Next week will see a bigger weight loss. Drink more water, when you think you've drunk enough for the day, drink some more! :)
  9. Loopy!

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    When do you weigh hun, do you drink water or have any of your packs before hand?

    Are you, um, 'going to toilet' OK?

    I too have stick to it 100% for 3 weeks, it's certainly hard but so worth it!

    18lbs is brilliant, what other diet could you lose that in 3 weeks by? I bet people have noticed, but I also get people not saying anything. Only had my sister and my son notice:rolleyes:

    YOu're not alone!
  10. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    I agree, give it another week. Your bound to have a better loss this week. Also mesure yourself :)

    becky x
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